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I think conflict of interest of the court when you have two kids, and what have you gotta have new values. And and I think that you know, he's I think the way we've covered him. He's come so far to us in Europe where he came out and obviously wanting to stray, Nope. And she's ten years ago. I guess it is and he was fragile emotionally very fragile. And we I covered that. And I was not impressed with the way he behaved on the court. But the way he has changed that and become a complete warrior. I think that to me is a bigger change than Roger Federer's backhand. I really do think Novak's mentality is just gone from not being very good to being unbelievably good, especially in big matches. It's really interesting in the knock on joke of it's used to be just push them around a little get him into the to the latter around like a boxer just just hang in there for seven or eight rounds in venture. He's gonna tap out. And it's total transformation hasn't it? It has a total transformation. I really think also that that famous match that the semi US Open a couple of they know row actually against Roger Federer oversee the one where he sort of went. Okay. You know, what you my forehand? I'm not I'm not letting you hit enough winter. I'm going for it making my chance, and and he was completely committed to that shot, and he's won so many matches by committing to just saying, you know, what I'm going to be full on aggressive. And I'm going to beat myself if I'm lose I'm going to beat myself, which hasn't happened very often. But then he's also showed the other side where you know, he's fighting through little bit of Wimbledon against dollar. I would think the crowd was slightly on the side every time he's laid federal that crowded on federal side. And all the time, of course. And then US open we're so dying to have they'll put your comeback win. And he's just figured out that will in this match against Paul. I am not going to try out hit the guy. I'm just going to be a issue Mun wall and not me. So I think he's. Figured out. The oh, many different ways to win matches these days that in a big match. I say that there's a players that have played big matches. And there's big match players. And I would have to say that Novak Djokovic is as big a match player as anyone ever seen. You know, what one of the the great pity's of the US open for me was I heard the news that the Londer on wheels van is in the shop. What's what's the status of? What's the status of the van? No. So what's happened? This year is I have I'm involved in starting to run a tennis club in Hayley, Idaho. And it's taking it out of my time to figure out how I'm going to be able to handle three indoor tennis courts, and and a big Jim attached to it. So that has taken up a lot of time and noth- time. We haven't gotten on the road route. We're going into road here in November going down to New Orleans. We've done it so nine years three months year that's more than the seven year each if you know what I mean. So I don't exactly know what we are. I can't imagine that we're not going to keep going because it's been one of the most fun things I've done in my life. All we're going to keep going three months year in an motorhome or altered little bit. I mean, I started slicing backhands after a while and instead of hitting spin. So I think you all have all we have all Cameron Nichol has evolved. And and we getting older, and we'll figure out a way. Way to keep wheels. Going the way we think it should be going. So this huger I think is that we both love to teach tennis, and we'll get out there. We'll get out there for sure it's just a matter of how we do is V Landreau wheel Soviet Enron water or we're not really sure. But my time it's been taken up by by starting to run this, gravity, fitness, intended and Hayley, Idaho. As you come out and check it out he high altitude training camp excellence. My producer Jamie's offered to be.

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