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He is disputing andy mccarthy and pretty much most of the people read in on this case assertion that the fbi was investigating the trump team he starts out by saying listen people are challenging trey goudy now should be clear let me back up a bit goudy gowdy destroyed his credibility so he said things that are factually incorrect which i'm going to prove in a second here gowdy appeared a martha mccallum show we address this last week he appeared much of it was wednesday or thursday and addressed it i think thursdays and fridays shows and gaddi said something martha mccallum show that was ridiculous he said and he was emphatic about it that listen i've seen the evidence and this was not about donald trump with beating the fbi investigation shapiro says well gaddi said that and basically andy mccarthy makes the case otherwise but i tend to side with gatty and any sites evidence again the evidence i know is not i don't get it the evidence is not on your side here is the evidence andy mccarthy presents hat tip andy mccarthy national review the evidence is the director of the fbi's own words let me read them so just to be clear benz defending gowdy gowdy sang trump was not trump was not the subject of the investigation no gowdy said he voice so there's nothing to do with trump and ben is defending that i'm sorry he's wrong here jim commes own words quote jim komi march twenty seventeen i have been authorized by the doj to confirm that the fbi is part of our counterintelligence mission is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the twenty sixteen president a presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals assoc.

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