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The marker for crystal Campbell near the finish line the crews that installed these historically significant pieces of chiseled rock we're very deliberate as they lowered them in place and emotional as their voice to voice them in position them from a flat bed truck to their resting places project manager Jake Liu Huan said he's never been involved in a project more rewarding there's been some great projects I worked on but this one to be on a project that's going to be here forever you know usually we build things that they last you know ten twenty years they have some that's going to be here for their forever and his as often when the first stone went into place you members of the crew shouted in excitement a few high fives were exchanged as some folks who had gathered around to watch offered a polite round of applause asper dedication ceremony city of Boston chief of operations Patrick broke the says they're working with the families to find the appropriate time winding lose Emily her parents they're here in the city today they want to come by and see the memorials when they were completed it's that important to them live on Boylston street Chris samba WBZ Boston news radio land Chris has been taking photos and video at the scene there with this memorial very cool stuff you can check it out as we re tweeted him at WBZ newsradio on Twitter cell nine oh two gun control taking center stage for a rally at city hall plaza on Sunday don't control rally took place at city hall plaza as the grassroots movement moms demand action for gun sense in America brought together a large crowd to make their voices heard to protect people from gun violence the rally began with a moment of silence for all the lives lost in the now shootings that have occurred in the United States which then led to mayor Marty Walsh to take the stage and he voiced how tired he is of seeing shootings occur across the.

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