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Obvious, and he's replying to an Tonio Brown that makes sense burner account is made to go after the haters, not to reply to yourself. No wide receivers talk in the third person. All the time. I I'm saying not a burner. Okay. Next one up it takes two to Tango. And Ben take zero criticism to defend himself ever. There's always the quiet before the storm. Now, the storm happened and people want to criticize opinions or like Astles, everyone has one keeping no chance Antonio Brown says that okay? Well, there's another one where he's he uses a hash tag. That is only been used on his Instagram account. Hashtag call God. Right. I mean, it's easy to to pick up that that kind of stuff what how long is this kind of been been active. Just a matter of weeks. Yeah. It's very its recent fake. If you have if in Tokyo Brown had a burner he Antonio Brown is a burner guy. So I'm not saying he doesn't have a burner under saying that's not as burner. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. When exactly what does it say that it was it was created. Now, you're gonna okay, I'm going to have sorcery is very important. I'm on it. Okay. You're on it. All right. Try tell people about the word I admitted early. Oh, yes. So we sat down in the chairs to do the show. And Hank goes. Oh, I invented a word. We were like, okay. Yeah. Save that for the show. Okay. So find out what when it was created. And then we'll do January sixteenth. That is such a fake. Wait. No. I don't know. Hang on yesterday. We that was yesterday. Yeah. This is the fakest burner ever people he's smarter than that not pointing the finger at UPS, but people be smarter than that. So after Frankel Endo interview, he was he had like half an hour to kill. So he's kind of awkwardly standing around the office. He admitted as much he's like, I'm speaking awkward, and I was just standing next to him. It was pretty awkward. There was a silence. And I I was like all right. I'm I'm going to my desk. Whatever happy prelisted birthday because his birthday is Saturday. Oh, so you're calling in advance. You can just say one. You wanna wish someone happy early birthday happy free lated, which I thought was you Leded saying that you were wishing him saying that you knew that you would forget his birthday. So you're wishing to him now. No that's pre when you wish I'm gonna happy late birthdates. I'd be belated birthday and preloaded. Okay. He laughed at one in the office on the ground laughing. He's worth lie is I believe. Rounds burner. Cow before I believe you had everyone on the floor laughing full tape hits a real ripped. Yeah. So we think this words got staying power. Yeah. Sure. Okay. I mean, people with people who's birthdays are like the next next day next week, whatever, you know, what to say happy early birthday. Don't sound smart. I'd like to officially be on the record PF my birthday, January thirty January thirty first please don't forget, I would like to officially be on the record that if you try to wish me a pre lady birthday, I will not accept rejected. The rejecting wish sightings you wish it on my fucking burn chasing or after. I don't want be before. Okay. All right. So don't forget generators through. I Hank Q F A Q. Hey, fellas. What was the closest everyone has gone to quit to quitting watching sports? What I don't understand the question. What was the closest everyone has gone to quitting watching sports? I still don't understand the question. I yeah. I don't think I've ever come close. I mean. Oh, I know. I know exactly what the start a baseball season every year. No, I don't I don't think I ever I'm trying to think of like after a really bad loss. But even then you just go to the next sport to get your mind off the last one. So it's like, I mean, I've quit a certain sport for a minute. But I've never quit sports in general. Yeah, it's it's very tough to do it. What would you do? Like read. I actually started a book. Oh, what are you reading sports Tyson? Oh nice. So I'm I even even when I'm trying to learn I'm just reading about sports sub parole appointment PF t I need you guys to scuttle a heated debate that's going on for five plus years..

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