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The judges ignore gates years learn to jump gradually they start on small jumps and work their way up to the big one the us hasn't meddle in skijumping since he first winter olympics in nineteen twenty four and looking ahead to the competition in south korea smith in glass there say while winning would be nice that's not their only goal i had a dream to be over to coach somebody that could make it to the olympics and the three guys that are gone i coached them all through their younger days and here they are in i would never had on olympian and now all of a sudden we have three three decades after he almost me the olympic team smith says he plans to be in the stands in pyongyang chung cheering on his skiers who trained at this unconventional facility in fox river grove illinois from here news i'm quinn myers this is npr news seven forty one now we need to check in with joe and see how the roads are always was that the going wrong on the nimitz free way the newest problem is northbound at sandra north eight eighty south of marina boulevard couple of cars might be blocking the left lane southbound eight ad also recovered from the earlier crash at stevenson which is still there on the shoulder the 580 richman bridge approaches sip pretty slow starting as far back as canal boulevard stay slow almost all the way across the span highway four westbound also still extra bad because of the crash should be point joe mcconnell for kqed joe's report brought to you by earthquake breese bolt dot com coming up in fresh air today the programme remembers actor jon mahoney he's best known for his role in.

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