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Neither higher gas prices are rising interest rates could put a damper on us auto sales during the first half of the year sales rose one point eight percent in the first six months of two thousand eighteen analysts attributed to strong consumer confidence and low unemployment but experts at cox automotive issue a cautionary note saying that much of the increase was due to low profit sales to fleet buyers like rental car companies and retail sales to individual buyers were propped up by rising incentives like rebates and subsidized leases rich thomasson reporting black oregon lawmaker says one of her constituents call police on her while she was canvassing a portland area neighborhood they've represents her state representative jail bind them is running for reelection this fall she said the deputy told her a woman call police because the lawmaker appeared to be casing the neighborhood this is townhall dot com a us senator visiting russia suggest moscow could improve ties with washington by not meddling in november's elections senator john thune who's part of congressional delegation visiting russia moscow could help improve ties by not meddling in the midterm us election this november the south dakota republican says that russia's changing behavior is essential for better relations adding in his words the best way to demonstrate this as we head into the twentieth eighteen election is the show the american people in our congress and our administration that the russians have no intention of messing playing with the american election russia us ties have been strained by the fighting in ukraine syrian war and allegations of russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen us election matt small wash a sixteen year old in southwestern minnesota who drove his car into a sinkhole following heavy rains escaped by climbing out the back window the teen who.

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