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Back toward route three crested active offer a insurance copter and the operator for ninety five north just inching along Westford most of the weapon to Havergal my cane WBZ's traffic on the three partly cloudy skies as we head through the evening tonight temperatures will be in the upper sixties downtown but closer to sixty some of the inland spots a mostly sunny day tomorrow eighty three mainly clear tomorrow night near seventy and then mostly sunny Saturday high of eighty two in the city in England upper seventies at the features we get into the upper eighties on Sunday with more humidity making it feel like it's closer to ninety degrees this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good afternoon not bad Parker here the five things you need to know at five forty five governor Charlie Baker is activated members of the Massachusetts National Guard to help support requests from for communities on the Cape still cleaning up after this week's tornadoes work to get the power back on for those who lost it during the storms continues the numbers continue to fall dramatically in fact fewer than two hundred customers so ever sorts are still in the dark right down a woman is struck and critically injured by falling of metal railing in Boston's north end in Washington the house back measure passed in the house it was back by the trump administration a two year building increase the debt limit cement budget games for the Pentagon as well as domestic agencies a new poll shows Democrats in the running for the oval office are holding a seven point lead over president trump in a generic twenty twenty ballots Tom Roberts has more of those numbers the economist YouGov survey found that forty two percent of adults in the U. S. would vote for democratic candidate while thirty five percent said they would vote for trump of the fifteen hundred adults they pulled twelve percent said they would not be voting participants who are registered independent seem to be split on the issue with thirty percent backing a Democrat and twenty nine percent backing trump one month ago a poll conducted by the same group found that Democrats had only a two percent advantage democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google she says the company is censoring her campaign a complaint was filed in California where the whole why representative claims Google violated her right to free speech when they suspended her.

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