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Gosh this what I want to just quickly come in with instead of like leaving everyone hanging for the next set of twenty thirty minutes. Let's just quickly. Say What business you've. You've got right now I WANNA. Come back to to where we are now, so let's just jump into the business that you have now. Introduced the business. But so tell us about your business now so that they can you know listeners can create the connection of what you actually mean. When you say my business my product. Yeah, so it's. It's junior and Junior. It's it's a business which I set up together with Malaita children's I wear, but then in a very new way, so to say so it's it's actually we want is to get children's IRA really accessible for children, but then really good and super stylish listach our yeah, so it's actually a combination of thing, so we wanted to do something to make something super cool, so children love to wear it super comfortable so it really fits like a glove instead of having you know like this. I don't know you have a lot of children I would which is not really feeling very comfortable kind of brittle on the face. It's awkward. Yeah, yeah, so it's so it's actually and then the quality should also behind because they're wearing twenty four seven. They play sports with it. You know there's all this kind of things so the main ingredients are these and then make it accessible for children, so what? What we do is we offer Try Me try me at home. box which they can collect themself into super cool online environment, which all children are you know very familiar with so they can see so it's going to be super flashy, and you can really zoom into the to the frames, and you can try it on actually also align if you'd like, but they can just order the ones..

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