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Already in play of creating false provocations of then having to respond to those provocations and then ultimately committing new aggression against Ukraine And The White House says the Russian government is believed to be responsible for recent denial of service attacks on Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and state owned banks Blinken says regional partnership is required to manage the crisis I think president Putin's been a little bit surprised At that solidarity at the way that NATO has come together The European Union has come together The partnership includes Lithuania Latvia and Estonia who would be particularly vulnerable should Russia invaded crane and Munich leaders of the Baltic countries received vice president Kamala Harris's commitment that the U.S. would stand with them The Justice Department's special counsel investigating the origins of the FBI's Trump Russia probe is rejecting allegations that he's sought to politicize his prosecution of a Washington attorney And piers Ryan Lucas has the latest This all revolves around special counsel John Durham's case against Michael sussman who worked for a law firm with long-standing ties to the Democratic Party sussman has pleaded not guilty to a single count of line to the FBI This week sussman's attorneys accused Durham of seeking to politicize the case and gin up negative media coverage They point to a Durham filing last week that fueled a barrage of conservative media reports that claimed falsely that Hillary Clinton had paid to spy on Donald Trump's campaign and presidency Now Durham says in a new filing that any assertion that his team acted in bad faith and tried to politicize the case is quote simply not true Brian Lucas and Pierre news Washington The Dow was down 27 points at 34,282 the NASDAQ is down 51 in the S&P's fallen two points This is NPR news Former acting solicitor general Walter dellinger has died at the age of 80 NPR's Amy held reports dollinger argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court and spoke out in defense of civil rights Born in North Carolina in 1941 Walter dellinger began young in his fight for equal opportunity under the law Joining desegregation picket lines In 1967 he was working as a clerk at the Supreme Court when it struck down interracial marriage bans Former president Bill Clinton tapped dillinger to serve as the administration's top Supreme Court lawyer Later dellinger wrote an amicus brief in defense of gay rights In 2014 he told NPR the court knew where it was headed on the issue of same sex marriage It's a question of timing by waiting until more of the country has experienced their friends and neighbors being married and nothing bad happened The less the court would provoke a backlash One year later the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage Amy held and pure news The prosecution's rested its case in a federal hate crimes trial stemming from ahmaud Arbery's murder in 2020 three white men chased down Arbery after they saw him running through the neighborhood Greg mcmichael is sent Travis and their neighbor William roddy Bryan have already been sentenced by state court to life in prison They're now standing trial on charges that they targeted Arbery because he was black Kim Potter the former suburban Minneapolis police officer who says she'd mistaken her gun for a taser has been sentenced to two years in state custody for killing Dante Wright an African American man She's been ordered to serve 16 months in prison the remainder of her punishment in supervised release This is NPR Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other contributors include C three AI C three AI software enables organizations to use artificial intelligence at enterprise scale solving previously unsolvable problems C three AI is enterprise AI On city lights we celebrated latter's vibrant art scene We get to do this because of the community that supports the station That's why this month we are celebrating sustainers celebrating you because together we are amplifying at latter From.

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