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Coast Guard has ended its search for survivors of the dive boat fire near Santa Cruz island it is never an easy decision to suspend search efforts we know that this is a very difficult time for families and friends of the victims so start captain Monica Rochester says no more signs of debris turned up during a final search of the area yesterday morning at least twenty five bodies have either been recovered or found officials they do they believe a total of thirty four people died in Monday's fire two people been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with a brush fire near homeless in Camden in eagle rock the fire threatened dozens of homes Sunday and forced authorities to issue evacuation orders or reports from NBC four says the fire was apparently started when the man threw an explosive device then attempt to kill a homeless person a couple's coral has landed them in jail and see me valley somebody called police yesterday morning to report possible domestic violence the young couple was in a car arguing while police were trying to sort things out find out the car had been stolen a few days ago from the van Nuys area the eighteen and twenty one year old in the car book for possession of a stolen car the guy also had prescription meds that weren't his dozens of LA city firefighters are going east forty one member that have been activated to go over to the east coast to assist those in Florida Georgia South Carolina North Carolina those areas that are impacted by hurricane Dorian city fires Eric Scott says the team can do water rescues wide area searches and other tasks they fly out of LA ex last night on on a charter flight to North Carolina Dorian has leveled entire neighborhoods in the Bahamas with winds up to one hundred eighty five miles an hour a major airport there's also completely under water Bahamian prime minister a Hubert Minnis says the storms death toll has risen I want to assure our. and inform the beam in population that they can. back to more death to be recorded many says no effort or resources will be held back to help rebuild this country's communities more than a million people in Florida were also ordered to evacuate their homes as a precaution the Walt Disney company says it's donating more than a million to help hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas company says it'll focus on providing supplies and helping nonprofits involved in rebuilding efforts the Disney cruise line has an exclusive port in the private island castaway cay in the Bahamas the British parliament has moved one step closer to blocking prime minister Boris Johnsons threat of a no deal breaks that lawmakers voted to take control of parliament from the government Johnson said there were consequences for that vote. parliament.

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