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Here though just a local group and you would have potentially gonna be a protest and he local wheelchair then got involved in said like you know look got you know if you want to put out a statement mom spencer's mom saying that edition of now you're suns politics yeah eight well we'll or approach just again spencer ware wouldn't be held and then something got thrown into the mix that misses spent yourself that she would being harassed and human being pressured to sell the place any local realtor was it going to assist tear and the way came out it sounded like perhaps misses spencer would being pressured november daily stormer ask we're told storm against period people and the white fishes including that shot my held by the way putting his picture up among others and and the deadly stolen by the way is a popular american the end nazi website for night that to features richard spencer out quite a bit and he's i guess is the leader of i've tried to i can tell of the the white nationalist movement here in the united states well spencer interest win and and this is perhaps a longer history when you're going you're listeners may want that's your it took over the national policy institute and really going to term all right so i'm years ago and the national policy institute was previously headed by a selling stamp francis who who was a big is an who also supported whole acosta knile when all the other stuff so you do you warren characters if you will or what we story gordon both spencer who basically held something to celebrate a shin in in dc where people were giving i'm not see salutes in that that was covered in the atlantic has also been going to some college's so what's interesting is he is really riding a wave of publicity spoke at texas a m earlier in the month and they were protest invited by the la not diminish ration on the shoe he hadn't been part of the kind of media ways to daily stormer along the wrist spencer haven't been spot and supporters on president elect trump.

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