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Pay a thirty thousand dollar fine in court she apologized to her daughter husband and to all the students in universities impacted by her actions she has until October twenty fifth to report to prison ABC's Jason Nathanson forecasters are watching a tropical depression that's about a hundred forty miles from the Bahamas ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano says tropical storm warnings are in effect for the Bahamas and Florida coast could be stronger at the fly some of the debris around that's left over from during so dangerous day tomorrow in the Bahamas and Sunday gets close to you as we'll see some women some rain on the eastern coast of Florida but then after that it does require about to the Carolinas will get had significant storm surge is not expected was there a winner and last nights third democratic presidential debate and you five thirty a poll tracking the third democratic presidential debate shows it was a good night for Elizabeth Warren she got the highest overall debate performance great and of the four leading candidates she's the only one to come out of the debate with more people considering car them before but or working people to judge smacked the second and third best grades well former vice president Joe Biden's position remains virtually unchanged clean captors attack on Biden seems to have backfired his net favorability dropped by nearly seven points Jordan Phelps ABC news Washington police in Saint Petersburg Florida say a sixteen year old was arrested after allegedly saying he would shoot up his school they say the threat was made during class the day of mixed results on Wall Street the Dow at a thirty seven points the S. and P. slid to the nasdaq lost eighteen you're listening to ABC news..

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