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It's Kate Winslet, Leslie Adam Jr and Steven Young. Who's some no from the walking dead. Other know from his film burning or polka, And he has a new film called Men Ar e a 20 for putting out which is wonderful, which won the Grand Jury prize and the audience award at Sundance. So we're really excited to have Steven Young do that as well. How's my bad? I hit the delete button by mistake. Another glass. You glad you for that back in there for and now, in addition to virtual screenings made these films are in competition for best narrative feature documentary and short What are some of the things that judges look for when they are when they're screening films? Well, our mission from the very beginning has been To showcase film by emerging filmmakers with new voices, and that is still the case today. We're really excited that ever since the beginning, we've given out over a million dollars in cash and goods and services to the winners of our competition. And we're very proud that we're going to continue that. Even in this insane year, there will be award winners, which is very nice for filmmakers. I know and keeps us on track as to you know what our true mission is here for the Hamptons Film Festival. David, you have the premiere US premiere of I am Greta, which documents climate activist gratitude. Berg's rise to prominence. It's in this air, Land and sea initiative that and had mentioned earlier. Can you explain what that initiative ISS? Yeah, it's a serious of a program we've been doing for a number of years now of films that focus on environmental issues. As an mentioned we have a signature program. That's one of them. We have one on compassion. Justice, an animal rights on one Views from Long Island, which is films by Long Island Artists or Long Island subjects, and the Air, Land and sea program is one that we think is great in our audiences have really connected with and one that we do year round screenings with because ultimately, even though the five day festival that were actually seven days here, it's usually find it. The festival that we're about to mount is the biggest program that we do all year all year long. Um, Hamptons film is a year round organization, and we do screening throughout the Eric, particularly with the Air, Land and sea program. So I am Greta, which is the U. S premiere of a film, which just debuted at the Venice Film Festival in competition is about credit timber again. It's it's It's a perfect fit for this program. We're excited about it. What insight do we get into Greta from this? This film she's had, so we've had so many press reports about her. What insights will we get? Well, if you're going to find out, please actually and watched it more recently than I did. I watched it over the summer and yes, I did. I did. I was. I was so happy that someone had the foresight to Follow her around on that insane press tour that she actually did You see Greta who as who She really is. She's a young adult to the young girl with a passion. And started off this passion with her family and felt so compelled that she had to do something about it. She was sort of a one woman person sitting in front of her own. Um, town Hall doing a protest and which turned into this massive movement, But what you do see is that she's really a young girl, but really look too. Adults, meaning all of us. To listen and hear what they're trying to say and try to be that voice to make change. And I just love getting to know her and understanding who she is, and it just gives me so much. Um, happiness and hope for our youth. My guests are anxious on executive director and David Nugent, artistic director of the Hamptons International Film Festival, and I said international in there. What are some of the international films that you're excited to present? Wow. There are a kind one of one that I'd really like to highlight is the film The documentary Gunda by Victor Kostikov SKI, which is An incredible movie about a pig named Gunda. But it is a gorgeous black and white film with no dialogue that follows a pig. A one legged chicken and some cows and you will never be the same after you watch it. How about even you want to hit on another one? Sure, there's a film called Collective, which we love. It's a Romanian film, which documents the aftermath of a fire that took place in Bucharest a number of years ago, and it's an incredible feat of investigative journalism. It's called collective. That's one that that I'm also really excited. About and then also Indiana by Christian Petzold. He's really one of the great filmmakers of the world, and he has his new film that we're screening. Those are a couple and then also, I would mention this film the truffle hunters. Which one wins by two American filmmakers. It takes place over in Italy, and it follows a group of largely old men and their dogs who run out into the mountains looking for truffles, and it is one of the most Charming, sweet and wonderful films. That is sure to put a smile on your face after you see it, and it makes me long to be out of my house and running around with And you know, we should have lots of films about animals this year, too, So that's that's exciting for all the dog and animal lovers out there and you mentioned the winning talks and I want to follow up on them because they're sort of more educational conversations on film and industries. The whole One. What are some of the conversations do you hope to have this year? And why do you think this is an important component of a film festival? Some festivals one or, of course, to bring films from all over the world your audiences and also to find discover new voices, but it's important for the film makers themselves. To meet each other and to meet other people in the industry. It's for a new industry that is worldwide. It's hard for filmmakers 80 come out from doing their own projects are being stuck in editing rooms and really Get to know their colleagues and I know film festival personally as a film producer. Make that happen, And it's also important for the audience to hear these filmmakers talk about their films. And together talk about their films. We always do. Q and A's after films, but So have them share their experiences together within one panel is also a Boer indefinite lightning look at the struggles that every filmmaker faces. Um, and to take, you know, in depth Look at the process. So we do have a panel about with our competition filmmakers, many of our competition filmmakers On it. We also have partnered with sag indeed on their executive director to pull yet more filmmakers together to have a discussion. More about their trials and tribulations in triumph that they make facing. They're making their films and then another journalist. Ah is talking with several other filmmakers but mostly producers who have films in the festival. So you have three opportunities to hear a lot of filmmakers talk together about their processes and Changing. Landscape of this industry. And you mentioned against even Yoon in Minori. You have Kate Winslet, who's playing a paleontologist in 19th, Century England and am a night and in the closing film this It sounds really exciting. Leslie Odom Jr is playing Sam Cooke. In one night in Miami, and that's closing the festival. Tell us a bit more about this film, David why you felt like it was a good a good book end. Yes. So this is a film that's directed by Regina King and written by Kemp Powers, and based on the play of the same name, And on one night in in 1964, after caches, Clay, I think at the age of 22 became the world champion boxer. He went and celebrated in a hotel room with Jim Brown and Sam Cooke and Malcolm X and 54 of them so that the movie imagines the conversations that they would have had that night after an extraordinary amount of research that Kemp ours did..

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