Tara Reid, Senator Joe Biden, Assault discussed on Mark Levin


There was a young lady who worked in senator Biden's office this is not a story I wanted to be the first second or third on it's a story where I've taken my time to trying and look at the information I'm trying to gather the information her name is Tara Reid she's a former staffer to senator Joe Biden and she's accused him of molesting him of criminal sexual assault and she told some family members at the time and she didn't know who to go to or what to do so she left her job and she was in her twenties there's a video that's been on earth by newsbusters late this afternoon of a phone call in the Larry King show on CNN on August eleven nineteen ninety three and is believed with the with significant backing that the caller was Tara Reid's mother who's since passed away passed away in twenty sixteen and she mentioned in an interview with the intercept did Tara Reid that she had mentioned her mother which by the Dunder your mother was a feminist and activist it was quite appalled by it all as you can imagine so you can get the video at newsbusters and Mister producer we will link to it newsbusters so newsbusters gets all the credit in the world because they're the ones that are set and again this isn't first hand news that I found this is just something that the data we found on the on the news buster site so I want you to listen to this they should be the big story in the Sunday shows in addition to but Joe Biden's in capacities mental incapacity is not capable of being president I'd states but this is the greatest cover ups game in American history here we go nineteen ninety three August eleven the Larry King show the caller is said to be Tara Reid's mother go down low is a baseball California hello I'm wondering what staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington my daughter has just left there after working for prominent senator and could not get through whatever problems at all the only thing she could have done with.

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