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Crevices which is not based on the knowledge of what you're inciting a now keep doing it this is chris i this so economics meteorology it's just an unknowable congregation by with even giants look rosser i think about it the weather doesn't give a damn about what you think about it now it's going to be sounding exactly so i'll mathematical models of the weather can be judged by objective reality so if if i'm meteorologist and i come up with a prediction that tomorrow there's going to be you know a heatwave in in less square here all you have to do is the way tomorrow to see if i'm right around and the weather is going to either confirm or you know just junk my theories about it but in society let's say that i had the same kind of computer model and the actual machine and data mining the material methodologies does but instead of using to predict the weather i use it to predict the stock exchange and suppose that was somebody very highly respected as a predictor of stock exchanges and let's say imagine the tomorrow i actually today i were to predict there's going to be a major crash in the stock exchange i bought the might be because i predicted it all right you know what you can see we can't affect whether exactly so kenyan society and the in the in the economy our beliefs about the phenomenon under study are part of the phenomenon under study so it's like it cath chasing its own tail this is why we analytical region is important but it has severely mutations and it's only action human action and humanist action that can cut that golden not.

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