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And three dollars the highest thirty four analysts in a bloomberg survey of up six and a half percent the homebuilders revenue for the fiscal second quarter beat analysts highest estimate in a bloomberg survey lanark adjusted earnings were more than triple the average projection pimm you mentioned technologies people unlike the idea that they were bringing down the high end of their earnings and sales forecast for the second quarter you can see that in a shares they're down about four and a half percent early trading mgm resorts international law by one and a half percent the casino owner was cut to neutral from bike on sax and taken off a list of the firms top picks now it looks like the mover of the day so far leeann surprises up about forty six percents the media company agreed to me as newspapers and websites ernie us markets for warren buffett's berkshire hathaway the deal includes berkshires hometown paper the omaha world herald terms weren't disclosed a couple more quick ones spectrum pharmaceuticals up seventeen percent people familiar with the matter said the biotech companies considering a sale and other options in response to takeover interest from drag baker and gw pharmaceuticals a five and a half percent this is a uk based company trading here as american depositary receipts w one us regulatory approval for the first medical treatment based on a compound and marijuana plants the drug will be used to treat childhood epilepsy typicals you know that it is june the twenty six but it is also a primary day in seven states around big deal.

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