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Or more on car insurance the only took us about ninety minutes with Steve Harvey found ourselves on different sides of an. Issue that, being the hall of fame and, how baseball players should get electorates of course on the aftermath of Barry Bonds. Having his retirement ceremony in San Francisco over the weekend is number gets retired there Willie Mays mung others pushing. For Barry Bonds to get into the baseball fan bonds topped out this year fifty six point four percent of. The vote yet get seventy. Five percents to get in. Steve believes you should I am against that Steve I've, got you this though is it your opinion that if guys. Test positive now let's say Bryce Harper test positive or Mike trout? Test, positive should that disqualify them know from being in hall of fame now no Okay. Alex Rodriguez is a hall of Famer mania Ramirez is a. Hall of Famer all these guys are hall they were the dominant players. Of their era so and by the way when we talk about PD you don't care you don't care I really do not care I don't care I'll tell you why. Because you, know what what what's amazing to, me about this whole p. e. d. thing is that performance enhancing drugs or. Performance enhancers in general have been part of sports since I don't know the gladiators everyone is looking for an. Edge I do you want to go back into the hall of fame and throw a Gaylord Perry who openly. Admitted he used a spitball. Or Don Sutton or any. Of those guys although Sutton should never been in the, hall in the first place despite those three hundred wins I. Don't I don't quite get that one was setting a dominant pitcher? Anyway So this idea. Of athletes trying to gain? An edge over their competitors, is, as old as sports itself so why. Is. PD use different I mean we. We known about Greenies we. Known about stimulants there's been a lot of. Things documented just in the, history of baseball I won't, go into the, others purchase but. Staying in baseball we've even. Had hall of. Famers like maize and? Gibson other guys that, have said look at these things have been available to me in those days and since there were no rules on the, books why wouldn't I've used them so why is it different, for you Chris as far as. The so-called PD use as opposed to other guys that use different ways to gain an advantage over their competitors well I think the pharmaceutical aspect to it is that differentiates it, from what you were talking about with the spitball or guys putting. Pine tar on their hats. Differentiated in. That sense but what what affects me and what I think is Coming Steve what's coming down? The pipe and I believe this boxing? To, and it's probably more difficult to actually happen in baseball but this is going to come a point in boxing where somebody is? Killed, in the ring by a guy who in the aftermath of that fight test positive for PD's Andrew lesser degree ask you this you mean like create something like that yeah but. That's I mean guys die in boxing all the time I mean that was the Russian was. On, all the, steroid use, everything and kills the, guy right exactly In baseball what happens if like you have kind of a Tony moments but worse where a guy. Drill somebody, with a nine hundred mile per fastball in the aftermath of that he? Tests positive for something I mean should there be a greater punishment for someone that does that, again? Here here's my point about we were talking, earlier about, east, sports, like. This wave, of e sports right and how do legit, Ellison, our, opinions. Sports keep, pace bigger stronger faster I'm sorry this is this is where we're at bigger stronger. Faster? Whatever By any means necessary to get there, now? One hundred percent kosher with us no but, accept the, fact, that, it's. Going on, and to deny and say well we've turned, the, pages, shortsighted A, lot more to come eight seven. Seven, nine nine six six three six nine if you wanna weigh in Kris, Maddox, Steve Hartman here on FOX Hey.

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