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Lamar Jackson, Baker, Football discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


Shannon. They went six and ten last year. In Frederick as you call them out what are we to Baker. Now are we on his fourth head coach in his. Nfl career annoys. Had three interim in their Jay Williams Freddie K. And you're right. Yes the basket four. Four four head coaches in two years. That's hard so I give them that but I don't think the NFL world is GonNa give him any passed this year. Any excuse. I think he's on the hottest seat of any young quarterback in the lead. Because everybody's waiting to see. Are you going to bounce back or not? Because Shannon you made a great point about year. Two is usually the quantum leap year. It was from all it was for Lamar. I think it will be for cuyler not acre so now it's gotta be years three. Are you going to return to rookie form? I you better or you're going to start reading stories about how they're looking for another quarterback. I think the thing that hurt Baker skip. Is that the difference between here. And Lamar skipped is that they talked about Lamar's inability to throw the football and he went to back to you. Went back to the lab and he worked on that. Everybody talked about Baker in your what. How will he through the football so he didn't have the criticism that face? Lamar Jackson it is ability to his inability to throw the football. Everybody's May look at Baker made a bank throwing and so he's got this big up. We'll Lamar Jackson within the lab. So we're going to see. Skip year. Three is going to be a tale season for Baker. Mayfield because you you can't you can't have this wealth of talent like you mentioned right. Tackle Jack Common Jerry Williams with the top ten pick and you got jar and you got hooper jokue. Hey you got to produce now who you've got as much talent if quarterback in football you got to produce this year. Well.

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