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Manila. May May. I. Might be talking like this for the rest of the pied gas. Nick Nolte you know there's a ton of distortion when the GARGOYLES speak yes. It's probably going to have to stop and talk about that for a while not what I remember them sounding like so much. I mean. Now that I know you know kind of like what type of technology they were using to give them their voices but I, did not remember them sounding like. How would you even I don't know how to describe it. It's almost like a sci fi it sounds like something from doctor who it's like somebody was speaking through r two D two's asshole. Yes exactly using R. Two D. Two as like a gravity bong or something in the were just like a talk. They kind of sound like doll lex a little bit if you really. Okay it's like, okay guys. We have this one effect that we can do and we're just GONNA. That's what we're going to stick with. That's it which seventy, two I mean. I don't think I realized how old this movie, right? This was the year I was born. I would like to think that I hold up better than this movie but like to. Light the thing that. I don't even know how we would go about scoring you on. We're going to have to at the very sophisticated test to see if. That so that's what we're. GonNa. Do. Where you and I are going to put a kind of test together. That will see if you or the nineteen seventy two TV movie gargoyles. Which of the two has aged better right. So the rubber suits they're wearing is. Very Similar to the skin I have on my body so I mean lathering A. Thick leathery kind of bunches up two points Yeah It almost doesn't have a lot I mean. Read it. To. ME. This is for my dvd after receiving word about mysterious skeleton unearthed in the Arizona Desert. A father and his daughter visit the man who has it and grabbed the skull as they escape shack, the Gargoyles have attacked. This is the most complicated. That was all. I guess that kind of explains it. Okay. So as they escape once they do. So they as well as the town are besieged by colony of gargoyles living in some nearby caverns, the town that's a loose I think is the town I mean there are four things in this town. willies frigging little Curio shop alkyl Willett Museum. Oh. God. I think it's funny that guy that plays Willie Woody Chambliss. Yeah. His name is woody in like the character name is woody in like a bunch of these. You know because he was an amount of like westerns. Nets Willie for this. I quite she just call him uncle woody. I don't know how would have caused so much confused their source material is named Willy and they just didn't want is such a beloved character that they didn't want to change..

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