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To call nb part of the show the numbers three five seven five eight six eight so this is going to be an exciting election year you're noticing i'm doing this a little different than i've done in past years typically i keep i keep candidate interviews to thirty minutes that's it i'm hardcore about it and as we get into the middle of july and august when we're about four to six weeks out from the election i'm going to have to hold to that but some of these can't i have already allowed in for an hour or so so i have to give equal time charles will back up on this yes charles it's like required is a legal requirement for radio station that's right so what you'll notice is i do bring them back now the first time we talked to a lieutenant governor candidate or a gubernatorial candidate there are always allowed an hour on my show and then after that if they wanna pop in and talk to me for some time if my schedule allowed them to come in and if we're on a roll we just keep going but at the at the most part i've been holding them to thirty minutes when they come back right we're trying to keep them as equal as possible we're really trying so this week will be one of those weeks on thursday there is a newcomer to the lieutenant governor's race her name is sharon jackson and she is running in on the republican side so the primary gonzaga's twentyfirst and then on friday we have what many people would deem the front runner running for lieutenant governor seat kevin meyer he's a state senator from south anchorage he will be on with us on friday from five to six pm.

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