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Peculiar way because there appears to be zero downtime or delineation between the different projects at times zone of them are pure just taking advantage of like i guess they talk about how the opportunity is preparation for several years. Pune was just ready to go at any moment somebody like. Can you make a movie like absolutely ear. You go. i mean what. I don't have information in front of me. But he was supposed to shoot spiderman the cannon version back to back with something else oh it was masters of the universe that he was going to start spiderman and it would have been windy peter parker and then they would have taken a break and then he would have shot. The master's university quill and then the guy was playing. Peter was supposed to bulk up so when he came back to shoot the back cavs spiderman. Spidey would be all buff and stuff like that. That's always good. It's just like yeah. Just go jack for eight weeks. And i'll see you soon man. This is before milan. Johnny was in was in the business. S couldn't get it done speaking of a superhero stuff. I i really liked to let us what you said about Captain america in terms of like Before what we know is like the mcu like this was sort of just like this. Very silly thing. Anyone who cared about that but now in a world where there's so much quality control And there's so many versions of like this. Big captain america movie star. Whatever universe Why not watch this like it feels like especially for people who are diametrically opposed to like. Ncaa always like this is such a interesting like it's just a curio and it's also just kind of fun to watch. I mean captain. America's another film that like you read a few and talk about it and like the scenes at the beginning. You wanted to film them on slanted sidewalks. Steve rogers looks smaller than everybody else. When he was like muscular. See reuters is completely different. And that's what is that. He goes in oftentimes a lot of grain ideas that he doesn't always pull off. But i love that he tried. Yeah especially everybody loves captain america with his like. Oh stop the car. He insists he's runs back to the doesn't do dives the best part. Let's burgas superpower. It's like well. He's kind of a wimp and able to manipulate people by pretending to have to vomit. That's carjacking captain. America i mean the thing about albert pune as well is that he's a guy that's like. Fool me once. Fool me twice like even fooled a south time in the sense captain. America's another film at the budget. Like i think it was cut down one tenth of what it was supposed to be..

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