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Colleague responsibility while to knbr 6'8 he possessed that gary red asia with larry kruger gary's waiting to go right now unrelated before we break down austin jackson your thoughts a congratulations to the pride of maraga guys madagascar's you it's going to be the new playbyplay man on sunday night baseball and uh alex rodriguez is going to be the color commentator jessica mendoza's coming back so so there you go way to go mad against rodriguez is leaving the uh at fox shares of good for a good for madagascar asian he's awesome and we i hear you know fleming was up for it and you know obviously geico's to to this scourge and who's got the add the great in our national venue to kinda demonstrate his skills on the mlb network but i i don't know how you feel about it i i just think the guy's really really good i know they're those you could pick apart is playbyplay and this napa assam do the ah the futures game at the allstar enduring the allstar break last year there the prospect game and he's just he's solid he's just really really solid and i said when we were talking about this before uh don't worry about day fleming gates got plenty of assignments i just thing matt enough you're trying to make it it's just a little bit different than a normal broadcasts citing matt's guides yes that uh uh a little more what's the word show busy for lack of a better term he can if he can have a little five may be an and not the dave can't but uh he's been doing it a wily ho said baseball that's a good thing to automatic ginny still does the baseball network so that's a good promotion for them as well as at hot stove show on with harold reynolds which is winning the oldest of cold stoves this offseason and those guys and those guys were geared up to like talk transactions on like they were counting down the days like midnight tonight free agents consign now here we are like months later and and they're still all these free agents anywhere way to go met yeah the austin jackson deal i look at this without in a going on and only gonna guess you like it i cook thank.

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