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We can knock wood that it different travel north. And it's now projected actually slide to the south west rather than to the north west one and finishes clobbering the coastline longer North Carolina. Writer on wilmington's worse gonna hit too. I mean, that's a populated area here. Wilmington, North Carolina. Obviously, not what we can Delaware. But southern Virginia is going to be impacted South Carolina, North Carolina more on that coming up during the course of the show. Good morning. It's Bruce Elliott, forty inches of rain. You don't that's that's this much? Holding my hands apart as if you can see it forty inches. My hands span is around. I think I've twelve inches. So another was twelve plus twelve twelve I mean, just that's that's a huge amount of rain. You have a single story home in a low lying area down there. Guess what your home is done? It's done. And one of the pieces of idiocy true idiocy. Family of five mom dad in three pretty young kids on the on the Outer Banks and they decided to quote right out the storm because their strength in numbers. How dumb can you be? If mom and dad want to make that decision, then look your grownups, if if you go away, then there's you know to fewer human beings, gene pool or well. But you have kids and you're going to have them with the potential of twenty to forty inches of rain coming down in your on basically, a sandbar. Idiots. We'll talk about that coming up on the show. But a couple of things to do. I. This is just one of the most astounding quotes. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, lamenting on how the high court's confirmation process become just a highly partisan show. And of course, there are those who and I think then clues Ruth bitter Ginsburg, she would like to have nine Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the court. Of course, you're any number of pictures of supreme court justices sitting together at public events is she's sound asleep. I'm not quite sure that's something we should desire. But here is the thing is is interesting is here's a statement by her and the crowd reaction approval at the end of this. I just find amusing. The crowd is has their collective heads. So far upper, but they think this is profound and wise. It was..

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