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Being a liberal lefty fantasyland, Portlandia and all that. And in some ways it is that too. I reached out to my friend wine, and I had no idea what Oregon was about. I don't even think I knew Portland was in Oregon, so yeah. Why? Why in the world Are you a black man? You You've traveled all over the world. Please refresh my memory. Like why are you there? Qalea Man, It's really beautiful here in Portland. A lot of water a lot of rain and trees. It is known for its trees and I love trees. You know, just having so many options in terms of food that I mentioned winds of Egon It was like I landed in a place that I was really looking for. You know whether you are gay whether you are black, whether you are all The other minorities. You're welcome here. Everybody's into recycling. I've seen white mothers and daughters on the street corner by themselves. This is not in a big protest rally. Both are wearing black lives matter T shirts and waving a black lives matter flag I was like, Is this genuine? Or is this the hoax? I mean, what a what a way to waste your time in a predominantly white, You know, I don't know. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that As Portland became the socially liberal like more cosmopolitan city. The same do not happen in the suburbs. The city is a blue island and a pretty red state, and that's cause tensions to rise, particularly with the police in the first two weeks of June. Mac was working during the day and protesting well into the night. At the same time, Portland City Council was gearing up to vote.

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