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In Maryland. Nelson is professor emeritus of English at the University of Connecticut. She's the recipient of the Poetry Society of America's Frost Medal for distinguished lifetime achievement and the two thousand Nineteen Ruth Lilly poetry prize. Her most recent books include Mrs. Nelson's classroom classroom and the meeting House Padre. Go to my is a poet theologian and conflict mediator. He was the community leader of the cornmeal community until two thousand nineteen among other new adventures. He is theologian in residence at the on being project. And he's the host of the new on being studios. podcast cast poetry unbound. His books include a prayer book. Daily prayer with Corey Miller community a book of poetry. Sorry for your troubles and and a memoir in the shelter finding a home in the world. The ongoing project is Chris. cagle Billy Percy Murray Sam Aa Laurent Tony Lou. Aaron Soko Kristen. Lynn profited Dole Eddie Gonzalez Lillian vote Lucas Johnson Damon Leigh Suzanne Suzanne. Early Zack rose. Siri Grassley Nicole. Fin Colleen Check Christianne mortell and Julie Staple into beyond being product.

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