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Two two much room to all another object appear in front of sinn it looked like a life preserver or a starlight meant with red stripes and circling it that's pretty read said finn who uh uh this is a very brief route in view article red alert no the slog alone please tell us through caspian busy road or zoom joe eu all event floating in front of fin was some sort of shapeless blah it wasn't quite read more of a moth if it had to neighbouring but purple is made of red and it didn't exactly look like jelly can i touch it asked finn if you want you to the failed dream sure report finn thought for a moment the first two items were red so there's no way the third item would be red to right but then that's maybe what they want him to think a little reverse psychology so the actual answer would be read except they would probably expect him to think that as well and so reverse reverse psychology would say that it is definitely not read ha said finn it's is jelly vital answer jelly bowl oh.

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