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They had several offers on the table one. They didn't trae. Devante Parker because they felt like he was more valuable than what other teams offering. So you have an issue wide receiver. You have a guy who should be a game changing number one, and you have eight week eight more games in this year to to find out if he's at guy, and you hope he is because you put him in there with our Wilson you put him in there with a Danny amendola. If he comes back this year, a Mike Jiechi in year to a Kenny stills Kim grant, I mean that offense sounds deadly. So you needed? Devante Parker early in the year. You got him. Now, go out there and see what he can do. Devante is a guy that obviously I root for on Sundays. But someone that I gave up on a while ago. And it was nice to go into the tape on on Thursday against Houston. Despite the ass kicking. You know, there was a silver lining. There. The devante played well, and it's both the poison and the antidote, you know, what? I mean, it's it's both indicative of the fact that he does have those really good games when he plays with and Boden italics when he plays. So, you know, it's it's both a tease and kind of what he can be. So it is a little bit of a paradox there. But you almost wonder the way he was playing in the one thing that I really wanted to see in that tape is how did he approach the game? What was his body language like what were? You know was he distant was he. Rod was he aloof was he engaged was a focused. And I think he could tell early that he was pissed off and a good way in a constructive way. And it made me think of two thousand sixteen with what Adam gay stood with J J and left him to go to Seattle on the road. The first game of the season and left him back at home. And look what happened at the end of two thousand sixteen season the way Jay Gye played perhaps. And I'm, you know, obviously have no clue this actually gonna materialize or not. But the way he was playing with that chip on his shoulder. I think that's the one thing that devante really needed in his professional career to play of anger and to be able to control it. Maybe he's able to do it now. But with that. Being said, he was possibly are only trade commodity as we have kind of iron this out through conversations with each other. And really think we probably should have sold. Interesting thought there, you mentioned that you wanted to know his demeanor leading up to the Texans game Brock Osweiler actually said the davonte was focused in from the very beginning of the week for practice and Brock new us going to have a big game. Now what I would twist your question, then would be how has he been compared to the rest of the games in his career compared to this one. Is that switch finally coming on? We will see if you can keep it up against the New York Jets. You say that you think the dolphin should've sold on how it's seems like you had a little bit of different take on that. I can't decide one way or another because I don't know what goes on truly goes on behind closed doors with the von say, and what is coaches are telling him to do and on all the assignments that he's running after right?.

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