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General Hospital. Good morning. I'm Laurie Kirby. And here's what's happening. The delta variant of Covid could lead to a fall surge. Delta cases arising in states with low vaccination rates and now former FDA head Dr Scott Gottlieb says this strain is up to 60% more contagious than the earlier variants. Let's get more on our vaccination efforts from CBS's Laura Podesta. More than 65% of the country's adults have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine that shy of President Biden's July 4th goal of 70% and experts say it might not be enough to prevent a resurgence in the fall. The variant could win this race if we do not Increase the proportion of people in the state who are fully vaccinated. Demand for vaccines has fallen off in recent weeks. In some places like here in New York. That's because most people have already gotten their shots. But other states are lagging behind putting folks at risk. The highly transmissible delta variant of Covid was first found in India. It's now spread to 42 states, including Massachusetts. But Massachusetts has one of the best vax rates in the U. S. That weather and labor shortages leading to hundreds of like cancellations for a major airline. It may be harder to get away, especially when flying American Airlines nationwide over 300 flights were cancelled over the father's day weekend. We're expecting about another 100 canceled flights today in a statement, American Airlines says unprecedented weather heavily impacted their operation, causing delays cancelled flights.

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