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The first case of corona virus in our area in New York

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Kevin ring called with the latest it is rare that a murder trial would continue without the suspect but that's what could happen in the case against Fotis tulips we intend to proceed on as if he were alive to vindicate him because we think is wrongfully accused and will be seeking the discovery that we're supposed to get just the other day nor patted spoke to reporters minutes after do Los was pronounced dead at Jacobi Medical patted says this is an effort to clear his name to force the state to show its hand in a trial still with evidence we think that amounts to no more than a new window an unsupported suspicion that it's in court documents claim state police after a search of his car and home founded nope by Fotis proclaiming his innocence all of this as prosecutors say there's DNA evidence linking Fotis de Los to the disappearance of his estranged wife Jennifer do looks Kevin Ranko WCBS newsradio eight eighty WCBS news time twelve oh five is shrinking the B. Q. eat the right way to ease traffic congestion WCBS reporter rich land has the story of lousy appointed the panel suggesting the B. Q. we go from six lanes to four or from three lanes to two in one direction but he sounds a bit skeptical we have to be careful of we say Hey let's reduce the amount of lanes the problem I have with that is one that's not a guarantee that people get out of cars it is a guarantee of traffic jams happened it is a guarantee of other town to stand on his W. NYC broadcast the mayor said he signed an executive order to initiate enforcement actions against oversize trucks on the beach you week over eighty thousand pounds with a start immediate enforcement on Monday by the NYPD with fines up to seven thousand dollars that's seven thousand dollars per violation rich lamb WCBS newsradio eight eighty WCBS news time twelve oh six New York City could be the first city in the nation with surge pricing for yellow cabs the times says the idea is found in the draft of a rescue plan for the taxi business that's being unveiled today the biggest part of the proposal is a six hundred million dollar fund that would be created to bail out drivers who have borrowed against their plunging medallions city council speaker Cory Johnson says the panel is done extraordinary work and says he supports the notion of a medallion bail out for struggling owners the first person to person transmission of the corona virus has been reported in the US that's coming up in three minutes W. CBS news time twelve AU seven this is why you need to start your day with WCBS boy and we had real troubles we flood warning still in effect for portions.