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That Cam right there yes right there look at it. Hey Hey it's your friend bobby and I know right now. You're watching this on facebook. But I'm GonNa tell you if you listen to the podcast to listen to the show. We use the streams is going to be honest with you right now. Let's do it Jack up those dreams if you get an Alexa. Maybe you're not able to listen to the radio as much we haven't Alexa or a Google home or a cousin that just memorize well have them recite the show back to you. Check to show. The cousin won't get us any streams though. Yeah but it's long words. Okay thank you. I'm still doing anything else. Did you see them water bottle moving? My story still haven't seen it. What does it go to my instagram story? Mr Bobby bones. This water bottle was sitting right here. Did really in randomly have no hands and it goes moves legit like that guys hold on. Was there water underneath it? Because that's what happens. Mr Mom doesn't happen. There's water underneath the The bottle it'll move. Can you look at the Smart Apple Point? We have to listen to scientists and I remember that in science class. You put water or something it slides. There's no water but why would it sounded but take a look at saying big words just because you know it's it's also not French? Go ahead also goes pulled up watching. Let's go that in slide dude. That twisted move. It got up and moved very fast story. That almost looks like the Ghost. Just a spirit. Cova Ghost accidentally bumped in as a bottle Raimondo. How'd you find that was tipped off? Couple listeners said to check the tape and I did and found it. Oh I didn't believe it either but I know not going in that studio ever check out. Nancy. I'm sorry Mr Bobby Village you dude you see Mike. What do you think that is a ghost? Good one might. Yeah I think so too. It'd be like completely I I thought it was condensation you. We know you started arguing with us. Not even looking at it. But it's not after looking at it that that's definitely a ghost all right. We'll see you tomorrow on tomorrow. Show your but here today. Show but on. Tomorrow's show Arkansas Keith on. Oh my former Stepdad. See how he's handling the code. Nineteen the corona virus. You know he works at a State Park in Arkansas working on the grounds. It's I'm curious what they're doing if anything different at all. And what's up with this life? Okay here you go. Here is Tuesday's show March Seventeenth Half St Patrick's Day tomorrow birthday. We'll check because in by everybody finally get to know your pup. Millions dogs rescued from shelters every single year. But do we really know anything about our dog when you get from the shelter? They're like we think it's part lab part poodle. They're just guessing. Take the guesswork out of it and get an embark. Dna tests and you'll finally have the answer. Part Lab. Part poodle part boxer. Whatever the combination is this DNA test is going to help you. What if there's a behavior issue and you can't figure out? Why does my dog act like that? Oh that's just a poodle things you know how to train your dog better also health issues. Maybe you got something in genetics. You'll be able to know because the embark DNA tests and when you're walking down the street and someone says what kind of dog is that. You'll finally have the answer all things to embark DNA tests right now. Embark has an exclusive offer. You can't get anywhere else. Go to embark vet dot com and use the Promo code bones and save fifteen percent of your dog. Dna Test Kit visit embarked vet DOT COM and use. Promo code bones to save site congrats. Bobby Bones your ACM win breath. Bobby repeats of the year. Babe Wind.

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