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Where you left off you know guys. A high dynamic energy type player. Did a lot of good things made some good decisions And again i just. I like who. He is as a football player for us right now. That was ron rivera. Talking about taylor heineke. It did look like he picked up where he left off. By the way heineke added muscle. He talked about that after the game. Obviously he wants to get himself into a position where he doesn't get injured when he plays We'll see him a lot next week against cincinnati. Hopefully we see more of fitzpatrick but I'm sure we'll see some stephen montas to But taylor heinecke was pretty good. And that was ron rivera. Talking about him by the way i put out a twitter poll last night after the game. I said who was the best quarterback in the game You can find that. Poll at kevin sheehan. Dc on twitter forty four point eight percent said fitzpatrick twenty nine point six percents at heineke twenty point six percent said mack jones and five point one percent said stephen montas i thought mack jones looked the part last night man he processes quickly which you can tell and the ball gets out quickly I would be surprised if mack jones isn't the starter pretty early in the season in new england okay Let's get to ron rivera on dustin hopkins. It wasn't long. But here's what he said when he was asked. Are you concerned. No there is not a concern. I think it's disappointing. You know but At the end of the day we have a new operation. That's got to continue to get worked out and we've got two more tumor more. Preseason games get cracked look bottom line when it comes to hopkins the things that i've said before apply And they signed him to a one year two point three five million dollar deal you know there would be about a one point nine million dollar dead cap hit if they got rid of him so i don't think they're getting rid of him. I think he's your kicker. I'd love to see competition brought in if he struggles anymore in these next two preseason games. I think you'll have to bring somebody in. I mean the last thing you want is a kicker going into the regular season with the yips. You know You don't want aroha situation from ted lasso. Although he got some help from the sports psychologist. Maybe that's what i dustin hopkins needs But ron rivera is not concerned. Now that could be the public standing by my kicker. We're not gonna act concern but in the meantime we're going to bring somebody in. We're going to read about it if they do. I bet he doesn't. I bet he doesn't bring anybody in this. Was ron rivera. Talking about sam cosmi's first game and then he works in a lot of the other young players as well really like what we got from. Sam sam needs to play and that's the truth of the matter and so does jalen So does ben juiced. i mean. that's why those guys played extended into the second quarter Very pleased with what we saw from those guys Thought john base got his opportunity. I thought he did a nice job. and did some really good things as it sam race. I mean there was a lot of positives these that we're gonna grow and get better with. They love me. I'm telling you they love causing me. They love his His athleticism they love his smarts. And they think he's going to be an outstanding tackle in the nfl And i thought in his first game preseason game they put him out there for a lot of snaps and i think he graded. I would bet you. He graded pretty high for his first game. What about james davis their first round pick nine number nineteen overall. I thought he looked a little indecisive. At times they also appeared to be playing a a lot of different positions with their linebackers last night. This was ron rivera. On jamie davis. Well just the feeling the experience of getting out there on the football field more so than anything else. Yeah we put them in a couple of leadership roles when we in our base defense early on rotating them out early and had them with the second subgroup and you know we try to stress them We had employees few extra plays especially in the second quarter and thought he handled it very. Well don't panic you know. Be concerned about the hopkins thing. I get that. Please do not come to any sort of meaningful conclusion on james davis after a preseason game They like what they've been singing practice. We'll get to more preseason games. And then he's gonna have to be ready. This is one of those positions where it's not like they have overwhelming depth You could always start bostick at middle linebacker you could bring in khaliq cousin To play one of those outside linebacker positions you saw a lot of mixing and matching of backers. I like hudson. Most of you know that part of that is because i know they like him as well and i saw a guy with a relentless motor last night. One of the quotes from Jack del rio during the tv broadcast was he just wanted to see the guys that give effort. They go down. They get right back up. There's an energy level there's motor this is what they're looking for. These weren't the things that gruden was always looking for. You know or any of their defensive coordinators were looking for I liked hudson a lot But we've got to give. Jane davis thing plenty of time..

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