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Credit under new guidance from the Treasury Department, cars from Audi, BMW, genesis, Nissan, rivian, Volkswagen, and Volvo will not qualify for the credit. The qualification is based on whether the car's battery minerals are sourced from North America and whether their batteries are mostly made here. Electric cars from Kia and Hyundai also do not qualify for credits because they're made outside North America. 5 41. Property tax rates and county employee pay are on the docket in Prince William county. Tonight county supervisors will make critical decisions on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2024, which begins in July. County executive Chris shorter is proposed budget includes sizable pay raises from any government workers inside nova reports Republicans on the board have also called for a real estate tax rate reduction paired with an increase in the county's tax on data centers. He helped his dad make Hollywood classics like Shane before moving to D.C.. Now, George Stevens junior has penned his autobiography, my place in the sun. I had finished my senior year going to college and didn't have a summer job. My father gave me two assignments. One was to break down Theodore dreiser's an American tragedy. He was about to write the screenplay of a place in the sun. And the other was to read the books that paramount sent over. So I found myself pacing around his bedroom, trying to reconstruct the story of Shane. George Stevens junior moved from LA to D.C. to found the American Film Institute. I used to joke, I'm going to spend my life working to become the second best film director in my family. But then merrow appeared with John Kennedy and I proposed an American Film Institute. Here are full chat in my podcast beyond the fame, Jason Frey, W two news. D.C. police have arrested a man who escaped last month while at a hospital for medical treatment, 22 year old Kenneth Phillips was taken into custody yesterday. The details of the arrest are not known at this time. Police say Phillips was previously arrested in November of 2021 on carjacking and burglary charges on March 7th he escaped from D.C. Department of Corrections custody on foot when he was at the Howard University hospital for treatment. Coming up on WTO did the Discord leaker have ties to a foreign country. 5 43. Success is picking up extra shifts, but now you want to be the boss. Success is getting your foot in the door. But now you want to take the next step. Success looks different to everyone.

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