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Of Celtics, beat wind Tom Western Home. Course covers the team and other teams for that matter has, kind of a general assignment guy for And of course, Evan Valenti, producer, sometimes host of this program, welcoming good to have you with us, not a ton of her life changed in the wide world of Celtics basketball since our last show with keysmith, where we really went deep on. All things, Olympics and Jayson, Tatum and email dhoka, and many other things as well, but that's kind of good job. Kind of exciting guys because it allows us to bounce around here tackle, a whole bunch of different things. Beyond our off. Air show, just prior to coming on where we really ran the gamut. I think, how are you both doing? Great, man. Thanks for having me on early, don't have any bees in my yard, which was a topic of discussion free show. So I'm happy about. That's right, the excitement of homeownership, you know, we, we can't imagine team ownership we touched on that as well. That's, you know, that's what Groesbeck and Steve tell you cuz problem and and you know, other minority owners and everybody involved, we can get to some of obviously the the decisions that that group is facing your this offseason. But I think what is what's really appropriate for right now? Is this is, It's, you know, I'm seeing it on social media, guys. Do you have another opportunity for us to go in the way back machine? Look back at that? 2013. Draft of meds, man. Selfish could have had that. That g honest guy. He, he seemed pretty good back then Giannis, antetokounmpo in the Box to 2 with the sun's right now in the NBA finals and that dog. Is otherworldly Tom. I mean the black obviously is, is incredible. I mean, and the thing to remember, too is like this guy was injured. What like, like, you know, a couple of weeks ago? Like like, he's in a still just doing everything. I mean, he's amazing. He's so much fun to watch. And, like, somebody pointed out on Twitter yesterday, I don't remember who it was. So I apologize, but that it was, it's pretty cool that, like, the best player of the game last decade like his signature moment, is a blocked shot and now, you know, you don't know where yada ceiling is, but if he's the best player of the next, you know, five to ten years or whatever it is, you know, maybe his signature moment will be a block as well with with that last night. So, yeah, I mean, yeah, Celtics missed, maybe they should have drafted that guy. All due respect to Kelly Olynyk, of course, you know, it's really like rating your children but which block I mean, whether it was the honest chase down, or obviously. What we saw from yanis as we talk here last night, which one was more impressive to you? You mean the LeBron James? Now, LeBron chase down. What did I say? Oh, you said yamas birth. Yeah, well, I just assume he's going to do that at some point in time. Yeah. LeBron James down. Yeah. I mean, I think it's definitely the LeBron James down, right? I mean, it's like a, a game seven like, you know, real game-saving play..

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