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Okay so what happened thirteen critical security vulnerabilities and what they describe as manufacturer back doors were discovered throughout amd reisen an epic product lines in their little qna that is on at the at the amd flaws dot com site they said m i affected the answer any consumer organisation purchasing amd servers workstations or laptops are ffected by these vulnerabilities and of course we have to back off a little bit and say if they contain these effected chipsets and so basically said the site is to inform the public about the vulnerabilities in call upon amd and the security community to fix vulnerable products i doubt that much calling upon we'll be necessary but there is they have another site safe firmware dot com where the white paper can be found at forward slash amd flaws underscore white paper dot pdf so there are a total of four vulnerabilities three in firmware and one in hardware and this is the fourth hardware vulnerability which is unfixable they claim because it is a hardware problem it is something apparently a back door built into presumably by this amd subcontractor will get to in a second the other three there's reisen fall there's fallout and master key are firmware vulnerabilities which presumably can be fixed these guys in their research did succeed in rewriting the firmware remotely of of this firmware reprogrammable outboard chip that does the security and we're able to store to install persistent threats into the firmware so it looks to me like the biggest problem midges in terms of practical remediation is with camera and so they write back doors inside reisen chipset the camera vulnerabilities are an array of hidden manufacturer back doors inside amd's promontory chipsets these chipsets are an integral part of all reisen and reisen pro workstations there exist two sets of back doors differentiated by their implementation one is implemented implemented excuse me within the firmware running on the chip while the other is inside the chips ace sick you know.

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