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This is something Republicans understand way better than Democrats that real power isn't about making a scene or what makes you feel good and power? It's a lot like owning rabbits. The more you have the easier it is to get a lot more. Power begets power, Texas has very similar demographics to California. But one reason they're red and we're blue is we want every citizen to be able to vote and they don't. A federal court has ruled seven times. The Texas Republicans drew their congressional districts with racial discriminatory intent, but our federal court won't have the final say on this. That's the supreme court. They will, which is why Republicans so desperately wanna get schlitz Kavanagh confirmed. Even though he doesn't have the temperament to be a judge on American idol. Because like the rabbits, the more justices Republicans get to pick the more those justices protect unlimited campaign spending and voter suppression laws, which helps more Republicans get elected. Power begets power Trump loves to say. The system is rigged yet rig your president. He leaves out the part that it's rigged for them. The electoral college helps Republicans the fact that every state gets two senators helps Republicans. Mike Enzi of Wyoming represents two hundred and eighty. Seven thousand people come Harris represents twenty million. Why is Wyoming even a state. There's not even a river or any other kind of natural border separating it from the other square states. It's just a square. It's like they copy pasted Colorado, and then forgot to put people in. I know I've asked this before, but do we really need to decode is. It's like when there's a Starbucks right across the street from another Starbucks. It's greedy, your greedy Dakota's four senators for you like a little person and going up to the buffet and taking half the food..

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