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That. Who were they very respected economists? I believe in economist at Harvard. He was one of the top economists at the Bush White House, he did research into IRS tables, and and and calculated through the IRS tables and only eight people in the country. We're paying the ninety one percent tax rate at one time the lower effective tax rates in the fifties actually comes from a liberal economist Gabriel. Okay. Great. And we're could we look that up? I. Yeah. You could Google Gabriel documen and get a big report. You did a couple of months ago. Z Z U C N N for the Larry Lindsey. It was one of the one of the places where he spoke of it was that a forum at the Bush center a couple of years ago. I believe if you Google Larry Lindsey Bush center, it'll probably come up it's on page forty six. The big talk at the Bush center a couple of years ago where it was discussed no in our producer. Maybe you can get that or reach out to Brian after hours, and we can post that on our Facebook page F B dot com slash the financial quarterback. I think it's important to know. Because now because these ideas are becoming more popular, we need the ammo to be because some people are going to be a vowed one way or the other, but many people are in the mushy middle were they just sort of believe what they are told. So if you can point people to the speeches to these research points, I think you'll have you know, we we have to start winning the argument. We gotta start winning the war in the mind. You can't just say to your niece and nephew. All that's a dumb idea. You have to tell them why it's a dumb idea and be respectful in the dialogue. So gives the. A call folks. Eight eight eight nine eight eight Josh here's why all this matters. If you have an IRA if you have a 4._0._1._K if you have a TSP if you've any type of plan with a number behind it four zero one four three you're choosing to defer taxes because many believe we are at historic tax lows. Even though that may be true on a marginal basis, it's not true necessarily on an effective rate. What you actually pay. So you have the choice to defer or do you have the choice to put.

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