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Mail. Lester don tom. Thanks up next inside. A first of its kind mobile labs studying we in our series red white and green in our series red white and green federal roadblocks to studying marijuana and the innovative way. Colorado researchers are getting around them. Your cynthia mcfadden. I am aid nurse that works in a school. Depp kirk loves her work. Okay let's go. And she loves her life here high in the hills of golden colorado. It fifty h. He's climbed fifty three of colorado's fifty eight tallest peaks but in two thousand seven. She nearly lost her life when she fell off a cliff as i. I have a horrible head injury several surgeries later. She says she couldn't tolerate the opioid pain meds. Did they make you feel loopy absolutely loopy. And it didn't seem like it really fix the pain. Her surgeons suggested she try. We'd like well if he's telling me debt says at bedtime. She takes a quarter of a gummy with a low dose one percent of thc. That's what causes the high combined with. Cbd and says it's helped her get back on her feet and even cope with the anxiety of the pandemic despite the fact that more than half of the states made medical marijuana legal. There is a stunning lack of scientific data about the appropriate dose strength and effectiveness of cannabis for particular ailments. Was it trial and error for you. One hundred percent just step on in already which is why. She's happy to take part in. One of a series of innovative studies being conducted at the university of colorado boulder on the effects of legal cannabis on anxiety and stress. Seems crazy that more than half. The states of at this point made it legal in some way and yet the scientific literature could really feel this notebook. It's true we felt the same way. Risk their what are they doing. That research has been tough. Federal law categorizes marijuana as a schedule. One drug like heroin so university. Researchers can't buy pot even in states where it's legal and study at the university of colorado boulder could lose all of its federal support for student aid right right but this team figured out a workaround if cannabis couldn't be brought to the lab to lab would go to the cannabis with a so called caravan. Show us how it works before. Deb takes her gummy. The team evaluates her. You're very good an hour later. She returned for more testing. We're really looking at the real world and how people use these products results to come but even in marijuana friendly colorado deb is still concerned about speaking out. I was afraid of all the things that i want to get rid of the judgment. The stigma fear of what other people would think. So how many people you work with know that you in fact use marijuana. I would say handful. And now more and now more.

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