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So dogs I grew up with dogs like my closest cousins they had a rottweiler and I was always so jealous that they had a rottweiler marcy she you is just the bee's knees big bad dow lake she was. Like I don't know cute and friendly but big and I felt like safe and protected, and then when I, think it was IRA's twelve my brother for his. Seven eighteenth birthday we have been asking for a dog, our entire childhood, right? Right. So my brothers turning eighteen abouts like leave the House, my dad then honors his birthday request and gets them a dog and it's a sleeping trap right? That's like an attractive. It was almost like my dad did a pregnancy trach writing this. You gotta stay. Like And that dog was named rottweiler because we grew up with rottweilers while seem as Tyson. And my brothers stick around for the next six months and left college, and then all of a sudden I was left with. I had a dog. Yeah. Tyson I think one was Savo is what it's maybe really like I really excited to have my own dog because when it's someone else's dog, it's sort of like I don't know pooper get off the pot, right? Like are we is this mine is and it's like I always feel weird I discipline other people's children or dogs, right? Yes, it's like what I'm dating someone only ever dog. It also makes me a little nervous because you're like I. Hope The dog likes me because it would their kids. The kids and. Their dogs like acting a fool and you're just like God I really just want to be like no. Give. Me But. Can I. Discipline my dog and it kind of weird. You're like Oh that's not what I'd say. Like. that. That's not how it works. Jews you look like an idiot. Look a very mean trump human being. My dog help. Data over. Much it's it is or the notion of just like you think I have not tried that. We've tried no, we don't use. No we use. Banana. Say No and like John Travolta knows. No. Thank you so much. So how did we leaned with Tyson show is and so my brother named him Tyson and after the boxer. Like, Oh, maybe now is totally after the boxer ring a seventeen year old member in lake naming a rottweiler, Tyson? Just such an. Ironic. But NAH, it's like this song ironic. Ironic. But it's actually not. Spot on we all did that all of that. Got Married, very very young and walked down the aisle two seasons of love. On, the nose yet. Bread your life and you're like, I want to commemorate this moment. There's just you know because we've all done. ADC, association. Oh this one. Hundred Twenty, five, thousand, six, hundred minutes on it. I I make the memory to favorite memories of my dog Tyson. He's no longer us because that was like a longtime ago. The only about dogs in a long time they've been thirteen. No know. I sound like it. Yeah. That makes me nervous. Okay. But I don't know how this happens. Every anytime. I do video project for something in school I would even if it did a call for a video I'm like I'm going to video project and I think I did a mockumentary on rottweilers for like my seventh or eighth grade science class whereas sort of like the crocodile, the Co this just being Jennifer Hudson but the crocodile hunter accidents have never been my thing but doesn't stop me from trying and soon like looking for the elusive. And Educated about the rottweiler 'cause I loved talk or what we would give for that footage. God what we would give you know what? Solan. It got stolen my mom's car someone who was after that tape like a box of stuff and my mom's car had Lake Lake intendo sixty four and VHS tapes and my footage of all the things that I use to videotape. I it does sound like also you're like definitely know where it is. Someone you know what someone has. There's someone listening. Haven't been watching that that is. Also seen by talent, show me and the fifth grade nine time doing the Tutsi roles so. that. Did you win? Of course you did there were no winners but we know who like want and like I was goes lettering we were girls time like child before they're destiny's child girls time and my mom was Lake Matthew Tina Knowles like making us rehearsal the time right? Every. Facet of your life and like well in love it. Notes for you buddy. I'm coming back here all the time even when I guess. I'll zoom. Lincoln. Of Oh at one time I was walking Tyson with. My stepmother was terrified of Tyson which. Like it was like a Ha. Has Coming. A. Teenager. Step. By step sister and I recall. So we would go walking with the dog but one time a little a little pop, a little Brown Stripe Cup like asserted following as and yet they Tyson and we call him Brownie the became best friends and it's like every. You Know Disney channel movie. You've ever seen where you know you find the stray dog and they come home and lake we brought it home and I, just knew doubted be like, yes and we're like look to head a new dog for us, my dad was like no. Send it down, earning out one dog, and then we went walking and Brownie came around again, and then the next day Brownie was never seen again I'm pretty sure that was like, okay, we're going to. Shuttle them off somewhere. On everybody that's real sweet though that's real real tender now again and your two years since you've been thirteen. Dogs in your life like friends, dogs, family dogs who who are the dogs in your life these days. Yeah. So I have oh I have a little picture that I can show Ya. Okay. So this is his name is. Look at, let's see. Can Use. Service name is his name is pig. And he's like a French bulldog. My friend Gerald that's his dog and he actually lost he lost an eye to like an infection. Yeah. A little tag but he's.

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