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For all. I know. But anyway, Victor. Victor became the deepest diving human being in history when his five deeps expedition reached the bottom of the Pacific Ocean challenger deep on April twenty eight he got down to thirty five thousand eight hundred fifty three feet. Holy can deepest ever. The second deepest was James Cameron. The movie director who got down to seven thirty five thousand seven hundred fifty six feet. So he got bested by ninety seven feet. I gotta be honest with you if I'm James Cameron. I'm saying all right. Everybody gets gather. We gotta go do it. Again. We have to be the deepest. Yeah. Basketball has once again, I'm not sure if that's how you say it. But nevertheless, he's made it a point to go to all the deepest points in all the oceans and try to go up to highest peaks as well to me. It's not that big of a deal. I'm interested in the free diver. How far he can go down without a. Yeah. Just how deep just a guy swimsuit goes down. I don't really care what you in a machine can do. I think I would be. I think I'd rather go in space than do the deep dive. Nobody. No, deep dive, not a mic drop. Now. I don't think people really know what you're talking once again. It's you're not telling you have to get in shape for this. By the equipment, but it's extremely dangerous. Okay. One little run into a Meg down. There is the movies of tortoise. Now. This is this is the least impressive feat a human could accomplish. I don't think it is getting through this show is probably the least impressive feat ever team was able to while they were down there decided to do something good. They decided to identify and record at least three new species of marine animals. They also found plastic bags and candy wrappers on the ocean floor that's kind of depressing. Can you imagine you throw it off the side of your boat, and it it's going to go all the way to thirty five thousand feet, if you were, you know, think about it like this you're sitting on the boat and you're looking out at the water. You're thirty five thousand feet straight down. If the water wasn't there, and you were just staring down you'd be scared. And you'd be really that's a long way down look at that. You can't see it. That's that's the height of a jumbo jet. That's a flying across the country height. Yeah. It's a long way down, man. I think it's pretty impressive. Good for Victor. Now. Like a guy with a sense of adventure? This is United done this. We can do this. That's that's why this is an impressive you, and I could literally do this tomorrow. If somebody goes, hey, I have a summary contain there. We can accomplish it would take too much time to convince me that trust their submarine. This is the one thing. I I'd rather climb the mountain than do this down. I would be claustrophobic you'll die on the mountain knives zero doubts which is why I'm not going to climb the mountain. They'll you'll be one of the many bodies there that help guide the way future climber. Yeah. That's right. Dislike on, you know, when you when you go up Everest turn left, you take the path to the left of the guy in the green jacket. Yes. Died in nineteen fifty four. That's you. But there is still is. And say, that's that's when they come up. They say art, you turn left at the tubby guy. This guy will not be remembered like, sir. Edmund Hillary though, just like James camera when when James Cameron dies, he still held this record doubt. It would even be mentioned at his funeral. I think it's kind of interesting. I'm sorry. You just killed the whole thing. I I it's this is so low low on the totem pole of greatness. All right. Well, they went to the Mariana trench the mission mission lasted eleven to twelve hours on each dive. Here's what's neat. If you're telling me before this week, it only go twenty thousand feet and the sky single handedly designed and built this submarine himself. I'm all in he gets all the credit in the world that is incredible feat. All right. But he did not not of that. He just he just got on board. He bought a he bought a ticket neat. Well, I think it's impressive. We'll try to get them on show. I'd like to talk him. I'd like to know what he saw down there. He saw he told you what he saw. I saw a Snickers rapper. Only two dives like this. Done in the last fifty nine years because nobody cares. This is one of those things where a lot of people would if they actually cared to do it this. This would be like I've eaten five hundred cheeseburgers in two days. Great. You're the only one ever try it. All right. I will cancelled Victor from the show that I guess it's not worth having him on. They did find new species of stuff that something. Yeah. Another another species of shrimp. How citing found it. I'm sure that's what it was. Cool drew it toward the ship and killed right there on the spot. All right. Well, anyway, they never mind. I guess now. I've thought it was kind of cool all right now waste of time. All right. I'll let you have it. The oldest medal of honor recipient has died. No kidding. Seventy four years after throwing himself on German grenade. His squad mates. He live. Here's what he did. They were in this firefight. There were about five guys, and they were being overwhelmed by this platoon. And he said there was a hail of bullets. They were just nowhere to go. And suddenly in the middle of all that. Here comes a grenade. I think they used to call them potato mash IRS. Yes. From the Germans came jumping in. He said, I grabbed my blanket and jumped on top of it and it exploded, but the blanket actually absorbed some of the explosion. He was severely injured. But he ended up getting the medal of honor save everybody's life. He was also awarded to silver stars two purple hearts bronze star in to French combat awards. Okay. For his service in World War Two. Yes. He was a hero. No question about it. He was ninety eight years old what bad ass. Most thing. He did was lived in ninety eight after all after all of this getting. And here's the thing missing couple hands. He he got blown up once before spent months in a hospital in Italy back and then went back and then threw himself on the grenade. Kind of this giant sacks back then they really did. Just nothing like I have. Well, now that you're in the military. You're our military expert on this kind of thing. Those guys really are. You know, you hear about these guys jumping on a grenade. When your first reaction is to obviously run away. I wonder that run away. But there are some people. I think who have that. Yeah. I have to save my friends. These are people I care about their lives. You know, the guy who steps in front of the guy with a gun supporters of freedom. Yeah. Very much. So so the name was Bob Maxwell. He was living in bend, Oregon. I coming up..

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