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Influential conversations from Bloomberg television. Here's Rishaad Salamat, joining us his Maybank asset management of Razzaq offense, brother. Thank you for joining. How would you the moment say the Malaysian economy is placed in how is it also place, given all these global global trade talks going wrong? I suppose you could economic you here as well. We expect the first quarter as you mentioned India to be lower than the quarter new to the peace in the thick and in the global feet. But for us, we believed second half. We'd be much better formula share even some of the things that have happened recently, especially in terms of their how demolition government is trying to prop up. Don't see economic. The counter global hit means so for. Sample of the. Cossack. Shen secta. They have mentioned Tim projected to continue with the school railing, and also in terms of the project that have been like to continue for this with the thing, the mission of the economy going forward. You're more interviews like this one on Bloomberg television, streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app, or check your local cable listings, markets.

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