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Dot com It's 6 O 8 Michael and son spring AC tune up for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center Indeed good morning to you John happy Sunday and it is a happy Sunday pretty much for the traffic of your starting out this morning The big story again will be the weather and apparently the thick fog the dense fog advisory continues and Michelle's got the weather I will just tell you it is as thick as pea soup I've always wanted to say that But it is pretty thick Give yourself a lot of extra time and stopping distance It could turn your wipers on It's misty So be prepared some areas seeing more dense fog than others bottom line extra time stopping distance You're on the defensive and using your low beams That said not too much to watch for We'll start on the beltway with a new one if you ride the inner loop in Virginia They were looking in the inner loop heading north to near 7 en Tyson They're said to be a disabled vehicle between 66 a route 7 could be in the right lane I've searched the cameras that we have I haven't seen it yet V dot says it's in the right lane You would find it almost at speed It looks like people are a little bit afraid of the fog and that's a good thing This is the only current thing reported on the beltway We'll flip the coin into Maryland We've had a long-standing utility issue and it's continues on two 12 rigs row between meds rot and university boulevard just south of saranac street The roadway closed so follow your detour posted their interstate travel on the Maryland side pretty light Last report we had a workout on 32 heading east near shaker They were seen along the left side We've had no updates in a while.

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