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Wherever you get your podcast. This is a CBC podcast. Today in Ottawa, the government is expected to table legislation that would tighten the rules for claiming the Canada emergency response benefit which has become known as the Serb under this draft bill. Anyone caught deliberately lying on applications could face stiff penalties, including fines or jail time yesterday, the leader of the end EP, Jagmeet Singh had this to say about that idea. There was A. A commitment in this parliament by the liberal government, and in fact, all parties agreed that people should not be unduly penalized if they play in good faith what we're hearing reported in the media now with the the bill is exact opposite that they're effectively opening up the floodgates to retroactively charging people just for applying, and that is opposite of what we should be doing. Doing an pandemic so I'm I am outraged that that the liberal government that the Prime Minister Shinzo take a knee on one day while at the same time, deliberate Gomez drafting and bill that's going to penalize potentially people who applied in good faith, but maybe didn't meet a certain criteria. That is wrong. Our national affairs panelists here to discuss what all of this. This might mean the arrages the Ottawa bureau chief with Huffpost Canada Katie o'malley rights for Politics Eric, I feel, is in the economist columnist for the hill times and the CO host of the bad and Bitchy podcast. Good morning to you all get greening off the Araj do we know about this draft bill that the liberals are expected to introduce later on today. Seems! They're not even sure if they have found a down certain or yet, so it was totally it last night to the warranty could get very exciting today I'm basically as you mentioned in the introduction as the end EP has said that they are not going to support still at all it includes. Jail time. Even if that jail time is for like extreme, fraudsters the the Conservatives. have basically not played ball. With the Liberals and have suggested that they want the house to return to the full parliament. Basically, there's no regular business happening. There's no supply day is going to the opposition. They WanNa see at the house. Come back, so we'll see the liberals. Cape on that and a block has said that they wanNA fiscal update this month. The first ministers meeting on health transfers, and they want a Serb to continue the Liberal Party to return as funds that they've asked wage subsidy program. It doesn't seem like any of these. Things are options at the Liberals Launch, so it it could be. can be interesting. Part of this is about as I was saying in the in the introduction. If, you are lying or deliberately playing with the the rules when it comes to the Serb, you could face these fines or jail times. There's also I guess some sort of consequences for people who failed to go back to work when it is in the words of the government reasonable to do so that if they aren't reporting there self employment or that, they decline people decline and reasonable job offer when they're able to work. Why is the government now? In whatever thirteen weeks into this pandemic? Why is the government making these moves off here? Well I think there's a recognition that things have not worked out as they had expected in in the sense that not enough people have been using the wage subsidy..

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