FBI, Mr Papadopoulos, Mr Gowdy discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The radio show the mainstream media loves eight this is the sean hannity show say this about gabby mr i work at main justice you'd never worked there you are us an assistant us attorney sure you're the best assistant us attorney the world has ever known but the fbi is done stuff in this case that i've never seen in the years that i worked with justice department is chief of staff to the attorney general and i'm not the only one that is not a term i've ever usually criminal justice system undercover informant hey genius genius genius it is a counter intelligence investigation it was not a criminal investigation hello trade former federal prosecutor about here's a word that they use however on a counterintelligence side of the ledger and it was a counterintelligence investigation feis is not part of a criminal investigation it's part of a counter intelligence investigation the informant a word that you do use spy you don't use spies austin houston counterintelligence investigations guy had informed those are all words i'm familiar with i've never heard the term spy gate what does it mean he's never heard the term spy use is this a joke is a joke it's the proper nomenclature that people like me and others who have heard the term use apply to somebody who has used by the fbi or another federal department or agency to spy on other individuals and provide information to the government well i never heard that using the criminal justice context we're not talking about the criminal justice context we're talking about this guy sits on the intelligence committee and educate him i wanna raise for tiring yes i'm going to go on to bigger and better things you know i don't know what else i just don't know interview mr papadopoulos and be done with it the word mr gowdy is used the espionage world and the counterintelligence fraud and that's where this began mister gatti's mr former federal prosecutor and that's the whole point in it is used and the criminal context spy is used in the espionage context and mr helper excuse me professor helper would not have been in and around the trump campaign gathering information but for the fact he was working for ain't paid for by the obama administration and working directly for the fbi right twenty twentythree now 'til the top of the hour eight hundred nine four one sean our tollfree telephone number that was the.

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