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A bit of bridge those gaps and break that bear you I know that I grew up with a lot of white people going to school but my church and it was around a lot of black people and even go away my parents from Nigeria traveling Nigeria every summer, so there's understanding of different cultures always had that in meat. But this time when I really noticed it was twofold. One in college Father. My best friends were all from different countries. So one was from India wants from China that wants from Bulgaria almost from East Texas. From Mexico. Those my five That's right. So at that point, I understood a while. There's affinity towards Different people coming together. But when I got to the NFL that's not really saw, especially doing some of the would invite teammates over to my house. And it would be a packed house 2025 people would come out would come over gay nights or Or, you know, we do Bible studies or different things, and it just became the thing that was easy for me and really, really enjoyable. And we should realign back here just for everybody who doesn't know Sam Macho like you should O R. Could he? Of course you went to Texas ut hokum. Austin isn't you know a very liberal if you will, you know, college town but also in Texas. So that's why bring that up. You know it, Sze. I've worked down there. It's a great great city, and then you go to Arizona. Start with the Cardinals. Then you're in Chicago. And then last year with Tampa so and when you were in town here before, salmon, and still, of course you're you know, I I see you doing stuff all the time. Still in Chicago, you've had an impact here for For quite awhile. I'm curious like how you know being out with you went around with Jason Heyward and Jason Kipnis and Jonathan Tase and Mitch and Alan Robinson. How do you feel? This is going as faras bringing the community bringing police officer's bringing people of influence like yourself together in the conversation, are you Would you say you're satisfied? You disappointed? How do you think it could be better? You know, just summing up so far how it's gone. What would you say? So far. I'm extremely encouraged about a week and a half ago. I know everyone was in turmoil and you were still upset and frustrated and confused, trying to figure out what to do to help our society. Be better, and I was thinking about. As I mentioned the gift of bringing people together. I said, What if I brought some of the athletes of all these teams together to do something for a community? Whether be protests? Which could be positive when there'd be no donate money was deposited, rather be going and sitting and listening to keep to hurting, which could be positive and that's what we did last week we got together. And it was. The idea came on a Monday in 36 hours later, we had as you mentioned Jason Heyward cave, Uh, Malcolm Subban as well from that from the Blackhawks. We had Mr Big Ski. Alan Robinson, Ryan Arcidiacono from the From the Bull's. We had max troops from the bowls and also two guys who went to Northwestern. Both play in the NFL right now, Tyler Lancaster, not their car, and we all got together. We went to the west side of Chicago. We just fat. And we lifted We sat and we listen and we just heard some of the pain that the kids are going through. Obviously. Their situation on the west side of the South already bad, but because of Colbert and because of some of the racial tension in turmoil, that situation got became dire. And so for us it was I'm really encouraged agility and what people came together and also we went back. We went back a few days ago to go fit, Listen more to those kids and hear about what their dreams are for the community. And I don't want to make this. Ah, whole kumbayah moment here, But I also do wantto like I think when you have these conversations stand correct me If I'm wrong, you realize that people who come from completely different backgrounds who might have completely different thoughts coming into the conversation end up kind of pretty much wanting the same thing. It's just a matter of actually having the conversation. And getting to know someone. And then all of a sudden a bunch of doors that you think are close end up opening up. That might be too Polly Anna. But does that make sense? No, that That's actually exactly what happened. Most most of the players you heard that cave was usually one white guy, One black guy with a Robin with Dave and Sue Bond. Man and kid, Nicks and Hayward and anyone the Bulls. You had one guy who was Italian and one white guy. I mean, it's like, gosh, Mr Background. All came. We heard the same thing from a lot of these kids, but we want our community. The girl. We need people to invest in our community to understand what we're going through. Just because America looks looks great from their perspective doesn't mean we're living in the same America where we have a completely different experience When people understand that We need people to come alongside us and help us make America better. And you've mentioned it a couple times already today, and I know your brother is big on this, but the phrase of having the uncomfortable conversation for those that are either too afraid or don't know how to approach an uncomfortable conversation. What would you say? What would your advice be to them? Tio approach that and just not make. It seems so. So scary or so confrontational and more of like a learning experience because I think that's one of the things that people have trouble doing. I would say. Don't be afraid. I think oftentimes we fear from these conversations. I do a podcast with some friends. We're talking about this The other day. One of my friends. She works on the ESPN. Samantha ponder. She was talking about her daughter and how She was in a subway in New York and her daughters saw an African American girl with dread. And she had never seen drugs before. And I allowed, she blurted it out. One of those. What is that? And most people don't know. Be quiet. Don't say anything, but I know that you're here. Isn't it? Beautiful? Isn't it beautiful? So this idea of looking at someone who looks like you and saying that? Isn't that beautiful? Isn't she beautiful or he beautiful. There's there's beauty in being different, and I think that's where those conversations coming to play understanding that. Because you don't look like me or you don't like me. Talk like me. Doesn't mean I should be afraid..

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