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Hey this is ben greenfield let's begin today's podcast assode by addressing the elephant in the room the fact that you're about to hear my guest robin openshaw and i talk about this crazy fringe swiss healing retreat often mountains of the italian quarter of switzerland this amazing eastern medicine and biological medicines swiss retreat let me tell you right now that after the chat with her in which we allude to me possibly traveling over to europe next year and taking a group podcast listeners over there with me we pulled the trigger on it and actually reserve the place so if you listen to this podcast episode and you wanna go get in on that here's how you do it go to green smoothie girl dot com slash ben greenfield that's green smoothie girl dot dot com slash ben greenfield i'm not the green smoothie girl ravenous but i'm the guy who's going to be over there in switzerland shaking your hand when you show up at this health retreat so we'll talk more about that in today's podcast which is bt btw that means by the white brought you as every podcast episode is by the amazing kion k i o n he check it out over get kion dot com we have a brand new coffee it is pure it's clean we tested it against over forty other coffees including some coffees that you may be familiar with is very very healthy coffees or coffees that are popular such as starbucks and folger's and a whole bunch of other brands and our coffee through third party independent laboratory testing and rio and lisbon in chicago it tested higher antioxidant levels of all the brand.

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