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Your source for all door related needs looking at flying locksmiths dot com. Good morning with a nice quiet start to the day in Wichita. Temperatures will be in the upper seventies, too near 80, with a mostly sunny sky winds will stay out of the south, clear and 56 overnight and some clouds began drifting our way from the south tomorrow or high. 76 could even see a few showers in southern Kansas. By Tuesday night. I'm K NSS, meteorologist and holiday When it comes to local. No other Wichita radio station provides Mohr local than from local shows, like the award winning locally produced even Ted in the morning to local news and weather updates each hour. Wichita is number one Talk 98 7 and 13 30. News. I'm Sanji and grass over the Senate returns to Washington today amid a growing battle over whether to try to approve a Supreme Court justice before November's election. We've got all eyes on centres like Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner and Chuck Grassley to see where they stay in right now. Democrats the two more votes toe block a nomination. That's Fox's Griff Jenkins. Tropical storm conditions are already starting importance of Texas and Louisiana as tropical storm beta slowly works its way into a part of the country that's already been drenched and battered during a busy hurricane season is going to be another rainmaker because it's such a slow speed going to bring a lot of rain to areas that have seen way too much rain here over the last couple of weeks, folks meteorologist Adam Cloths. America is listening to Fox News. This is the.

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