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Patty, Detroit, set to announce the snow removal upgrades at any eleven o'clock. News conference this morning. The changes will include major improvements to clear residential streets after major snowfalls. The city will also concentrate on those bike lanes using skid. Steer machines to clear bike lanes protected by Glades in the city reporting live and local Vicki Thomas, WW J. Newsradio nine fifty police are kicking off a new campaign called don't block the box. WWE? Jay's Ingrid Kelly has details. Motorists when you stop at a red light. Do you block? The intersection Detroit police say blocking an intersection is against the law. So they have kicked off an awareness campaign to help in this growing problem. Here's Lieutenant pride. Henry we've erected signs that says do not block the section again to raise awareness to drivers day is actually against the law. We use stop intersection in and of itself which generates an increase in risk for safety hazard. Police say they want to raise awareness, not give out tickets. But if you get a ticket for this violation the fine is one hundred seventy five dollars Ingrid Kelly, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty charges now against a McComb county man in the shooting death of a transgender woman in Detroit with details. We go live and local to w w J's Charlie Langton. Patty, the defendant in the case forty six year old Albert weather's he's of Sterling Heights charged with open murder by the prosecutor's office. He was arraigned yesterday in order to held on a million dollars bond. Now weather's allegedly shop thirty six year old transgender woman. Kelly stop has that happened on the city's east side Detroit police officer found her lifeless body on December seventh now interestingly this case will be prosecuted by the fair. Michigan Justice Group, that's a division within the prosecutor's office. And it's headed up by Dana Nessel, Dana Nessel says of this case reflects an excessive. Brutality against transgender people in this community. And of course, the Nestle just got elected to Michigan's attorney general reporting live, Charlie Langton, WJ NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time seven thirty four. Jimmy dean, Jimmy dean, sausage links are being a recall because they might contain metal to go on about. Why Jimmy dean sausages the bed? Yeah. About thirty thousand pounds of the frozen ready to eat, pork and poultry sausage. Links are being recalled five consumers complained they found pieces of metal in the sausage links..

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