Extortion, Tesla discussed on SOFREP Radio



Data about it that use expert you know what i mean in enough sources to be able to resolve with with a very high degree of clarity and each other things too so it's um it's just what you gotta do it just a way i think it's it's an a pystem logical approach to to uh you know you from a very fundamental level you really have to want the truth so thank you very much ravin you on i can continue to talk uh you know thanks for mentioned in the book extortion wants several stories amazing and i hope everybody by sat book in american reads it thanks for coming on at a really appreciated um yeah i hope we can have you on again to talk about this stuff i mean if your continuing your work especially on these subjects yes um we definitely have you on again to discuss that yeah i got a great some great projects going right now so all right uh awesome having ad on wada information there and i'm sure if you wanna learn more about that you could pick up both of those books on you know what i realize that eighteen election's gonna mentioned this before even mentioned the next thing you were saying they you hope there's no army ranger movies with i mean there is a knickerbocker movie coming at an enough you realize that a thought they're doing a tv show well he talked about it on the last podcasts he was on with us you may remember attach that tv show was the guy by the name of our rewind speaking of shadow not going to happen partially because of that i don't know that's the whole reason but he did bring that up so you know even better it's now going to become a feature all wow with only movie oh that's it's funny you say that because um the this tv show adjusted on tesla i think they pushed it out because there is a movie coming out about tesla like the movie is made i think it was called current wars in was supposed to be out now but it was a heartbe whoa ow.

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