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Today he'll be suspended for tonight's game. He certainly playing well he's currently hitting four twenty two on the season with four home runs. Yeah. In declare a fi he was suspended for using a racially charged word, and Jeff passan tweeted all about it. Like, I read your Jeff passan article three thirty central time. Jeff's been kind of the source for the majority of the information on this. For us. Anderson banners for epithet, not flip. Chicago White Sox shortstop, Tim Anderson was suspended for one game after calling Kansas City. Royals pitcher Brad Keller a week as effing and word during a benches clearing incident. Precipitated by Keller hitting Anderson with a pitch league sources told ESPN Keller who was suspended for five games. Hit Anderson in the backside with a ninety two mile an hour fastball. One plate appearance after Anderson while up to homerun and tossed his bat toward the White Sox. Dugout after Anderson step toward the mound. The benches cleared enduring the fractious Anderson who is black addressed Keller who is white within earshot of players umpires. Adding, according rather to sources in announcing the suspension the league said Anderson was given one game quote for his conduct after the benches cleared, those sources said it was related to his use of the inward, and that's the reason why he was thrown out of the game. We wanted to know why was commander. Jason thrown out of a game. In a lot of SOX fans before they knew that it was racial, and I would hope then afterwards, they would sort of take it back is a lot of people were using the cows Warburg thing from the weekend as an example him charging me up him pointing at the unpire blank, you playing Q charging never made contact several. You know, profane words if you don't make contact with an and you swear nonstop, you won't be suspended think that's who you are pretty consistent practice, I think but major league baseball you brought up an interesting point earlier with her. How you choose to use language yourself. You know, whether it comes to hate her in the tweets from an eighteen year old or a fourteen year old people like Dini, all these things up. It sounds like they've got a policy that says you use this no matter what your race you. Use these words. You're it sounds like they have zero tolerance policy. Now. There's a difference between Hadar anybody else who has used. Words like that before they were a member of major league baseball versus being an active member of major league baseball and using the word. I don't know exactly. What major league baseball is rule? Is it sounds it? Doesn't matter the race of the person delivering the the off word whether it's an African American using the word directing at another African American or in this case a white player or vice versa. Whatever the case may be. It sounds like to me that there isn't. I don't know this to be gospel. It sounds like there is zero tolerance policy for using words like that. And in my humble opinion. I got no problem with them having a zero tolerance policy for it. So it makes sense. And I know someone. This. That your policy major league baseball is we're not we're not there's not going to be a gray on. We're not gonna we're not going to discuss it. We're not going to interpret it. It's such an important insensitive is used in an anger. Right, right. I don't know two guys are just joking with each other over at first base. And you know, but when it comes to two benches, clearing, and whatever. Sort of derogatory term you choose. This was this wasn't used in a playful manner with a teammate or even an opponent in a lighthearted conversation. This was definitely this was an altercation. Yeah. I I was surprised going back. I didn't know what you really referencing. But then I sorta dug up all the people it's been coming up on my time line people in our business. This isn't now this is what is in. This is in. I didn't know what you're saying. It's not just fans who are just adding people these are people in the media who like me who happened to be a fan of the team. Like, you know, how it is these days it's not objective. We we have our teams, and these were people who are in the media who root for the White Sox who were quick to shout out. But look at what trooper was started. Even before that this is what I was raging against a railing against as the old guy screaming at the cloud. This was the pre show. Listen, I mean before we start at the very beginning. People started to conclude that he got the one game suspension because of a bad foot because of a bad flip come on. I mean, really did you really think he was suspended and maybe that but there's been so many dumb things done by leagues in the past. Wouldn't you as somebody who not you somebody who whether you're in the media or not wouldn't you wait to get more information before you joined the group of being outraged in being the quickest and us to be outraged and outlet. Why don't you look foolish though, when you just start railing against something without having all of the information. And then you step it up with an outrage while this is inconsistent. Because look at what Schwartz did what would Schwab did as we have found out is different than what Tim Anderson debt. Right. So this is the old guys advice for the day. Don't worry about being first in the outrage parade worrying about being correct Joe west was in the mexica thought for sure they'd screw this thing up. But then. Yeah, you wait. And you're like, they either screwed up really bad or Tim Anderson said something he shouldn't say in that any turned out to be the latte now. Now, listen, hypothetically, we could have found ourselves in a situation where you find out all the details. And maybe it would've been they just didn't like his behavior or how he acted. Okay now. Now, I got no problem with you being outraged. But before you joined the outrage parade, wouldn't you want to get all of the information? I mean, that's just me. I guess that's just an own personal belief. Maybe you believe being not you somebody believes being loud in. I is the right way to go. Okay. God bless ya. But I come incense would I think would've led you to the conclusion that there may be a little bit more to the story Pete some people in the media, buddy potsy? I don't know if he was being sarcastic. But tweeted that none of this happens if not for a backflip. And by point is none of this happens. If not for the dumb tradition of retaliation of using the weapon both of those may be true. But they these chilly exclusive conversations it did get there. And he did use that language that I understand. But then I mean, it goes down to the rat. Like, I don't line. Tim Anderson to not be emotional on the field. There was a quote reread earlier that Scotland lurking, and I don't know if you guys could call it up. I don't have an from my screen right now. But I don't want to Anderson to play less emotionally. I don't want to manderson to stop having swag. Just like I tell that to hobby. All I want to Anderson to do is don't use that language, but they shouldn't go back to see see what happens when you bet flip. It shouldn't be about. These are two separate conversations. One is you know, what's my main point, right? Like, I don't want. Tim anderson. To not be himself, except for the fact that word, and I truly believe that we have evolved them we I'm saying major league baseball and the people that like major league baseball in love major league baseball. I think it's the loud minority that is screaming about young players celebrating. I do I think the majority of people had a good common sense approach to like looked Tim Anderson was just celebrating compliment. He wasn't being disrespectful directly at the pitcher. It'd be a good conversation for solid five son has kinda volved in some ways. I don't speak for him. Do you do your point seven doesn't sound like from these quotes that you referenced Scott merkin said commanders, and specifically said, quote, I could care less than he means couldn't I couldn't care less about how anybody else feels about it. As far as the pros and cons. Everybody around here knows who I am. And knows what kind of person I am in knows what kind of player I am. And what kind of energy I play with this play. And again, like, I I I've gotten a lot of you got to do something before he could act that way, my point is hobbies swag before havi starred I tweeted that out the other day how he got the tattoo of the major league baseball logo. And he was like seventeen or eighteen hobby did some really weird stuff in his first. I don't know if you remember the story spring training, and like a fines of Soriano in the veterans head to school them and before hobby didn't really break out until last year. Sometimes havi swag has gotten in the way of that running you know of him watching and not running to first and then the ball hitting off the wall. So we love the swag. I I'm good with swag. I'm good with Tim Andrews, Jan like saying the word sweat. I do that sort of the only thing that Abdala has ever taught me he's in Kabul. Like, I kind of roll my eyes at a lot of the things of dollars. I like swag. I like is it again swag. My favorite players. A kid was Gary Matthews. He wasn't the best player on the cubs. He was far from their best player. But you know, what? Sarge Hattie it swaggie played with emotion. He knock off the helmet running between first and second base because it weighed him down he rose had swag swag. Lotta guys in in yesteryear in the old school as still had swag. And I and I told you this yesterday I love hobbies style of play because he's good. But b because I see hobby even when he's doing what you calling swaggie he has respect for his his opponents like I said it yesterday you could go back on a number of occasions at see whether hobbies slides into third hobbies with the slapped tag at second base. Somebody's trying to steal second. Hobby may actually uninjured vertically swipe tagging the knock the opponent's helmet off. And maybe gray. As him across the face. And the first thing havi does is to ask the opponent. If he's okay. So I think havi does it in a really respectful manner. So I appreciate hobbies game. I appreciate his enthusiasm for the game. And I also appreciate hobbies respect for how he does things. Now him not running out pop-ups, that's a self inflicted wound. He's not he may be for the older fans disrespecting the game. But it's not anything that's harming the opponent. He's harming his own team. Right. Right. Yes, I learned to last year. Absolutely. In some some people people love, you know, they love to think that the Gotcha. Gotcha moment. We always talk about that. Somebody asked me earlier. So how did you feel when a j presents ski crossed the plate in stomped on the plate with force and then Michael Barrett. Denny slap the plate today. Just slap. A maybe there's a collision in any snack that that's what it was whatever it was. How'd you feel about that? I said I love it..

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