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DPO so I'm a public school teacher and I'm on my feet all day long that would be on concrete the pain would like shoot up my heels and just increased on the bottom of my feet then my back started hurting my husband I were driving and I went what there's a great store I'm greeted by this gal named mercy that was a perfect name for her and the cool thing about the good feet store is that you're able to try before you buy I had three fittings she was able to fit me with special arch supports and so I walked around the store within thirty minutes I started sobbing because I had no pain well if you're catering do something about it you don't have to grin and bear it you need to go to the store to get some arch support I'm Peter and that's my good big story see how they work for you with a free fitting a test at the good feet store visit the good feet store at millennium plaza and water towers the smartest began my brackets are stacked this honesty for thank you got it figured out wait while I actually okay let's see where this advance in the top sixteen some state boards two thousand nineteen Ford ranger XLT four by two I feel pretty good about the two thousand nineteen forty because sports has the tools in the top four I definitely see the twenty twenty four Stephen Ford explorer the prices are amazing in the and so forth ask what's on stage award drive the twenty nineteen.

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